Where to go on Christmas vacation in Moscow?

Even if you winter is a reason not to leave the apartment more than a store, during the Christmas holidays it is impossible to just sit at home!

Fortunately, the options include plenty to do in Moscow. Choose what you like – skating rink, exhibition or theatre. Maybe a sporting event or party with great music? You can choose indefinitely and is likely to miss all the fun because of the inability to stay on one thing. But we did everything for you and collected for you the most interesting events that you will definitely not regret that left a warm blanket 🙂

1. Adastra

A new immersive theatre show from the project “AtmAsfera 360”. Adastra – it s a performance, dancing, theatrical performances and a huge spherical screen visual show. From 2 to 8 January in the theater of Stas Namin you can see the spherical projection of the Universe and communicate with it (with the Universe and not a projection). To accompany the audience are the actors – the participants of the Burning Man festival. The Earthling Universe will respond when she will turn to him?

2. Samskara

The show, which has become a synonym for “immersionist”. During the new year holidays you will have the opportunity to visit the audiovisual show Android Jones Samskara from 12:20 until 22:00 and at 17:00 or 18:30 – immersive show mystic music “Samskara-360”. The spherical dome provides full immersion in what is happening! Until December 31, tickets are on presale at a special price.

3. Skating rink on red Square

Where, how not on the Red Square to go in the winter for the holiday feeling! Outdoor skating rink has been running for ten years and in that time has become one of the symbols of Moscow winter. Want to – take the skates and skate with other Muscovites and tourists; and you can sign up for a master class in hockey by Alexei Yashin and figure skating from Yuri Ovchinnikov. In 2019, the rink will be open until February 28.

4. The exhibition of ice sculptures

On Poklonnaya hill again this year the festival will be held “Ice-Moscow”. Besides him, the ice sculptures can be seen at the exhibition center, Victory Park and Sokolniki Park and Muzeon Park. Great idea to take a walk with your kids and make cool pictures!

5. The snowboard Park on the Arbat

This year on the New Arbat will build a hundred-meter snowboard Park. Be like a small roller coaster, for beginners and more challenging. Athletes will lecture and conduct open lessons. Also, will the Amateur competitions in snowboarding, where certified of fate will choose the winners. So, if this year to get out on the track does not work, grab a Board and go on New Arbat!

6. Music and dancing in Gorky Park

New year s eve in the Park will sound music: famous DJs and artists. You can meet New year at home or, for example, on red square, and then walk to the Gorky Park (by the way, Tverskaya street during the holidays will become a pedestrian). The dance floor is the entire Park is decorated with lights, and over the entrance promised to place a horizontal tree. But on other holidays there will also be something to do! Traditionally in Gorky Park ice rink and restaurants.

7. Hogwarts Taganka

This year Tagansky Park during the holidays will turn into Hogwarts! The Park will set the fir tree from the Forbidden forest and the magical chess. Park visitors will be able to try a magic potion, and those chocolate frogs (by the way, it is vegetarian), as well as participate in quests and competitions along with the heroes of books about Harry Potter. As for the distribution of hats is not known, so it is better to take your: absolutely do not freeze 🙂

8. Water show “Tale about Tsar Saltan”

If you re wondering where to go on holidays with children, then think about the theatrical show based on the beloved fairy tale. The action will take place on the territory of water stadium “Dynamo” in the pool. Popular Russian athletes will turn into the characters of Pushkin s tales, and perform the submission in combination with stunts on the water. The show will be held from 29 December to 6 January.

We wish you an active and interesting vacation!

Jan Garbowska

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