Where to go and what to eat in the last week of the year: the main restaurant news

24-25 Dec

Catholic Christmas in Butler

I’m here this morning was in the restaurant Butler — there is a fortune (I think, a million and a half, no less) spent on the garden decor and ambiance of the facade of the mansion looks like a fairytale Snow Queen’s castle, surrounded by powdered snow of a magical forest. Almost itself Shakirova they did the design. Right now every day I want to go there — very Instagram-friendly. And my favorite Giuseppe Davi and another set was prepared for two dinners — the 24th and 25th of December. In a set six-course meal, starting with a tartare of red prawns and ending with my favorite “Tangerine tree”. And the Christmas cake. Seth is 5 500 RUB per person.

Address: tryokhprudnyy pereulok 15
Phone: +7 (495) 150-45-86

25 Dec


Stories restaurant is throwing a party in conjunction with Mendeleev Bar from handsome chef Korpusov will be a special menu from chef barman Mendeleev Eugene Garin cocktails. Sound will do Drumatiq DJ — promise boring music.

Address: Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1/15
Phone: +7 (495) 915 00 35

25 Dec

Christmas set in Molon Lave

Olivier and “coat”, jelly, and “how disgusting this your jellied fish” — still plenty of time. On Christmas day I prefer the Turkey — and I’m glad that the Greeks agree with me. December 25 at Molon Lave from Athens arrives the brand chef Stamatis Cilias — will be a big dinner: Turkey with sweet potatoes, and chocolate dessert. All of the 3 000 RUB per person. And I hope it comes to dancing. By the way, the Christmas set will be available in Molon Lave until mid-January.

Address: Large Georgian street, 39
Phone: +7 (495) 272 00 47

Fish Selection

Selection opened a few days ago: the restaurant is located on Trubnaya square, notable for the impressive glacier, aquariums with a raw bar and an open kitchen with ovens. There is a camera for aging steaks, ham, sausages, ice cream is prepared with avocado, cocktails are mixed with the addition of sorbets. The kitchen was headed by IKE Westort, who worked in St. Petersburg with the Ginza Project, but for the occasion moved to us. Until the end of December in Selection “in honor of meeting”, Dorado or sea bass can be enjoyed entirely in just 245 RUB 30 More varieties of fish give “the price of fish base”. I tried to book a table for the evening, or a full landing. Don’t be like me, call in advance.

Address: Trubnaya Ploshchad 2
Phone: +7 (925) 925-70-30

Christmas set Piccolino

In Rhodes it is necessary to come with her beloved husband (unloved even sitting at home), drinking good wine in the cozy lounge, similar to the Italian apartment where candles are burning, there’s a Christmas tree with rag toys and hang family photos on the walls. Or with children, grandmothers, grandfathers, friends — on the TV there’s an old Italian movie, kids will jump in the nursery, and you can sit at home, no need to cook or clean. Christmas menu is here introduced at the beginning of December and it is valid until the end of January holidays — salad with bacon and a ripe persimmon (680 rubles), duck leg with Mandarin oranges (750 rubles) and homemade Mandarin pie for dessert (370 RUB). The kids get pizza, my favorite is with mushrooms.

Address: 1-y kolobovskiy pereulok, 11
Phone: +7 (495) 799-82-92

Evening menu at BURO TSUM

One of the most social restaurants in the city decided to entertain the audience with a new fashionable fancy menu. From time to time chefs Chistyakov and Zotov will come up with dinners, performances, and meals of these dinners then you will have more month to try in the evenings. Until the end of January at the evening menu will be a Christmas mood: offer spicy duck with pear cooked in mulled wine, sea urchin tangerine, “Doughnut 4 eggs (halibut, salmon, sturgeon, pike)” and a chocolate tart with pepper cubeb and snow from yogurt, which is served with a real new year’s confetti. The basis of dishes including Scotch whiskey Chivas Ultis should be a little drunk, as expected in the New year. Dessert with confetti want right now.

Address: Petrovka street, 2 (Department store, 5th floor)
Phone: +7 (495) 276-76-78

The new winter menu at Salumeria

When I look in the Molecule at the ponds for gifts and flavors, always stop to enjoy lunch at Salumeria Lamberti, especially because Vladimir David (owner of boutiques Molecule) is a partner in this institution. I like to sit on the “minus first”, where the kitchen and quietly and in the privacy to discuss business. But in the main hall more atmospheric — is also constantly twist of Italian cinema and will definitely meet someone knew. The new winter menu from Lamberti and chef Thomas Kassa — gnocchi with Gorgonzola (600 rubles), mushroom lasagna with Taleggio cheese (550 rubles) and beef scaloppine with artichokes (1150 RUB.). I still didn’t tried, but sounds promising.

Address: spiridonievsky pereulok, 12
Phone: +7 (499) 290-00-01

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