Where to celebrate New year 16 of the best restaurants of Moscow and St. Petersburg

New year at White Rabbit

The best restaurant in the country, dinner from Vladimir Mukhin, a view of the fireworks. The icing on the cake — presentation by Polina Gagarina, and music covers will be in the response group Luxury Band. Company Grandfather frost and snow maiden will be the leader of evening Dmitry Babayev. Children will be awarded with sweet gifts. The ticket price is from 30 000 to 55 000 RUB. per person.

Address: Smolenskaya square, 3, 16th floor

“Sakhalin. Moscow”

The main restaurant on December 22nd floor of the hotel “Azimut. Smolensk” with a breathtaking view of the city (be sure to climb to the second floor balcony). Take all seafood — raw bar here is the best in town, especially since the supposed dinner a la carte. For the atmosphere will respond to the music project Triangle Sun. In the program — jazz, and a raffle. Guests arrive at 22:00 Deposit required: 22 000 — 33 000 RUB

New year’s eve in the Butler mansion at the Patriarch

The garden around the beautiful restaurant of the Patriarchal efforts of Julia Shakirova turned into a fairytale forest. There will be warm by the fire and admire the snow-covered fir trees. If you have a great fur coat from someone like Emil Shabaev, there will be beautiful photos. Chef Giuseppe Davie Butler will prepare a special set. To the event will be Adis, Mamma (radio station “Silver rain”), world hits will be performed by cover band The Times Band. There will also be a DJ set, photo shoot, welcome-bar and a raffle, and the program will conclude with fireworks over the Patriarchal. Price per person — 25 000 RUB

New year in “Kokoko”, St. Petersburg

Full of glamour offer from St. Petersburg — New year at the restaurant “Kokoko” Matilda Corded. Of course, a festive meal from chef Igor Grishechkina — he will present a special dinner from 6 changes to include dishes with white and black truffle. Chief sommelier angelina Maslennikova will pick up in time for dinner corresponding to the case of wine: there will be a gala champagne and the famous wines of Piedmont — Barolo and Barbaresco. And there will be dancing to live music, glitter sparklers, gifts, visit Santa Claus and snow Maiden. Ticket price — 25 000 RUB., offers to 21:00. Whether she Matilda this night in “Kokoko” and with whom, history is silent.

New year in “Magadan”

The restaurant on the “Red October” offers to celebrate the New year in a big way, that is, with caviar, oysters, crabs and shrimp. The main and bar menu will operate without restrictions, and the chef Sergei Vekshin will offer everything we usually eat for the New year, but in their interpretation. “Olivier Magadan” cook halibut (750 RUB.), under a fur coat will be shrimp (750 rbl.), aspic — and that will be with crab and shrimp Magadan (750 rubles). A “table” on the company, you can order a pound of Astrakhan black caviar with homemade pancakes (29 900 rubles), Magadan Seth (half a kilogram extremities of the Kamchatka crab, oysters and shrimp platter — 16 900 RUB.) or hot assorted seafood “Grand” (15 000 RUB). From entertainment — live music, dancing and DJ, and the band “dirty rotten scoundrels” will make their major hits. Tickets cost from 5,000 to 8,000 rubles per person, guests are welcome from 22:00.

Happy End to the Patriarchal

Loudly declared itself in this year’s Happy End is to mark the main night of the year in disco style for adults. Sets will play Pasha Panda, Shota and Romsta, also claimed the actor’s performance (I hope that’s a good sign). A visit to the party will cost 7000 rubles — for this amount, guests can relax in the bar. As for dinner, it will cost 30 000 roubles for two, and 60,000 RUB for four (drinks, snacks, fruits). And it is possible to organize fun in the Yellow room. Deposit at closing is $ 400 000.

New year’s eve in “Turandot”

The main celebration of the capital is traditionally held here, and this year, under the plan, guests will be transported from the Boulevard Montmartre. The show will create a star — however, the domestic, not French, but it Leonid Agutin and Christina Aguilera, I would not have complained. The cover band will play songs appropriate for performance of the Christmas cancan (can you imagine the spectacle if one of the guests suddenly perform). Partner of the event: Veuve Clicquot dinner will include six change. Also planned is a children’s program and adult — cabaret experience. Like to celebrate in a more intimate setting? Some of the halls of the restaurant can accommodate from six to twenty people.

New year’s eve in “On the wave”

The restaurant “the wave”, which is a part of Soho Rooms on Savvinskaya embankment, waiting for new year’s eve guests for dinner and concert of group “Hands up!”. The cost of participation — 17 500 rubles.

The main night of the year in Sixty

The program, congratulations from Santa Claus and snow Maiden, the performance of Dmitry Malikov and Anna Semenovich, disco. As for treats, chef Regis Triguel prepared: salad with Kamchatka crab ceviche of langoustines, ravioli of buckwheat flour with fillings of duck with kimchi and mushrooms, fillet of turbot with three kinds of caviar, duck breast with tangerine, roasted carrots and chestnut puree, sweet surprise for the guests and much more. Ticket price — from 35 000 RUB. per person, guests are welcome to 22:00.

New year’s eve “the Firebird” at the hotel “Metropol”

The Central theme of the night — the Firebird, for a gala dinner answers the brand chef Andrei Shmakov, will perform jazz punk diva Teona Kontridze. And will start the event with performances by a Large jazz orchestra Peter Vostokov. Throughout the evening will work fair of happiness “the Firebird”. Guests can win an unlimited number of gifts from the Metropol and hotel partners. Among the prizes — a weekend stay in a hotel and tickets to the Bolshoi theater. The cost of tickets for new year’s eve: RUB 40 000, 65 000, RUB 75 000. Dress code- black tie, if that.

Theatrical New year in PESHI (recommended with children)

Before the chimes will arrange a quiz, then starts the show program with music and dance performances. Everyone will be able to be actors, playing a small show under the guidance of a professional Director. And you can go to Red square and look at the main tree of the country. Christmas table chef includes traditional dishes PESHI prepared in the new manner, laughing and drinks. Start at 22:00. The cost of an adult ticket — 50 000 RUB., children — 25 000 RUB. (children from 6 to 16 years), children under 5 — free.

New year in “Sunrise”

In the restaurant “Sunrise” (space, view of the Kremlin, the Soviet kitchen) on the table and put the salad with grouse, veal tongue and crayfish tails, and “Mimosa” with smoked salmon and sturgeon, which, as we know, happens only the first freshness, and Lithuanian goose. To pour will be Bollinger champagne, wine and vodka. Music will be in charge of the band “Gems” and “leisya, song”, a cover band Bulldozer Band and DJs. Ticket price (adult/child) — 35 000 RUB., arrival at 22:30.

New year’s eve in the “Beluga”

For those who want less noise and more elegance. Dinner a La Russe will do chef Anton Kovalkov. Will caviar and champagne R De Ruinart. Jazz will be performed by the group of AG Band. Bonus festive spectacular views of Red square. Guests arrive at 22:00, the event starts at 23:00, ticket price: 35 000 — 50 000 RUB

“Dr. Zhivago”

In the Grand café “Dr. Zhivago” 31 December new year’s eve fireworks from the Windows overlooking Red square, the clink of glasses, which will be filled with champagne Louis Roederer, and modern Russian cuisine in the festive menu. As for entertainment, guests can enjoy dancing to the band Tarantinos, greetings from Santa Claus, contests (that always sounds scary, but all of a sudden!) and gifts. To celebrate the school will to 6 am. Ticket price: 35 000 RUB offers starting from 23:00.

Percorso, Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg

The most beautiful Italian restaurant in the city (and certainly one of the most expensive) with a view to Isaac and great Valerio Andrisani in the role of chef. Is Italian night, which is typical with Italian musicians. Provides a menu of 5 courses, welcome drink with canapes in the Tea lounge, red and white wine, soft drinks and a glass sparkling under the chiming clock. A cocktail at 20:00, dinner will start at 21:00. In the menu — “Carpaccio with licorice, pepper cannoli with kroski, profiteroles with Basil Sabayon”, ravioli with beef stew and black truffle, as well as traditional desserts such regions as Apulia, Naples and Tuscany. The cost — 34 200 roubles, advance payment when booking. And, of course, the opportunity to spend the night in a beautiful house with lions — the former mansion of Lobanov-Rostovsky, and now the Four Seasons hotel

Sintoho, Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg

Another restaurant at the Four Seasons and right is a luxury, what is there to hide. Also beginning December 31, with cocktails at the Tea lounge at 20:00 and dinner will start at 21:00. It includes 5 courses, drinks and a glass of sparkling at midnight. The chief will present an eclectic position as “Consommé with lemongrass, shellfish,” “Jerusalem Artichoke, scallops, thyme,” and even rice ice cream. Cost 28 900 rubles, advance payment when booking.

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