What useful gift for the New year: 10 ideas

Soon the New year – time of miracles and magic, wishes and gifts. But what to give family, the gift was useful and indeed needed? A win-win options – appliances. In this article we will discuss 10 types of equipment and 15 units, each of which can be a useful and valuable gift for the New year.

1. Cool a powerful blender

Rawmid Dream Samurai BDS-04 is one of the most reliable and powerful blenders on the market. Four horse-power (2900 W) are controlled manually stepless speed switch. A jug of 2 liters allows you to cook for several people. Volume 8-blade knife is versatile and can easily cope with any, even the solid ingredients. Velvety smoothie without bits of peel and seedless just half a minute, warm warming cream soup for a couple of minutes, the peanut butter in your own favorite recipe, homemade ice cream from berries and fruits – everything is possible with Dream Samurai from Rawmid. And not only that.

Rawmid Dream Modern 2 BDM-06 is also a very powerful blender with 4 horsepower on Board, and the main difference from the Samurai touch control panel. Bright animated display allows you to select from 8 automatic modes or configure manual mode.


The youngest of three brothers Rawmid – Dream Greenery 2 BDG-03 – blender specifically for smoothies and green shakes. This model is even more compact than the dream Modern. Bowl volume here is 1.2 liters. This allows cooking even small portions. Shirokolashki knife with 4 blades effectively not only grinds herbs, but also other fruits and vegetables. The power of Ukraine is 3 horsepower (2200 watts), allowing you to prepare smoothies, shakes, cream soups and other dishes. The device is operated by a round switch with variable speed control. The main purpose Dream Greenery 2 – preparation of green smoothies and cocktails – speaks not only specially designed knife, but Greenery and unique design.

To choose blender for the New year in the company directory Rawmid.

2. Dehydrator for vegetables and fruits

With this appliance you can prepare homemade dried fruit, cookies, almonds, fruit chips, candy, bread, cakes, and more. Recommend dehydrators with a horizontal airflow and the location of the trays. In such devices to insert and remove the trays very easily, besides it is possible to leave an arbitrary number of shelves – for example, two, and drying them ice cream cones or other bulky workpieces. And drying in such dehydrator is more uniform than in the round dryers.

Dehydrator Dream Modern DDM-11 is a new product from the company Rawmid. The device is equipped with an innovative two-stage temperature and timer touch control panel has three modes of operation: shadow, solar, and cyclic. Just in the dehydrator Dream Modern 11 shelves, 10 of them – mesh trays, 1 solid pallet with sides for pastes. All trays made of stainless steel. Mesh trays are of two types: 8 — with small mesh and 2 large. Stacking different products on the trays with an appropriate cell size, it is possible to achieve more rapid drying.

Dehydrators Dream Vitamin DDV-06 and DDV-07 – less capacious, but more compact and economical. Model DDV-06 has seven plastic trays, and DDV-07 – family of steel. In addition to the usual trays, the set includes 4 grid for loose products and 4 pan with sides for pastes. Both devices provide uniform drying of products without the need to rearrange the trays sometimes. The temperature is set in the range from 35 to 75°C and the timer to 19.5 hours.

Choose quality dehydrator with a uniform drying is possible in the official store Rawmid.

3. Juicer

In stores hard to find a natural juice that would bring benefits to the body. But to surprise your loved ones with juicy vitamins is still possible. Just give them the opportunity to get their own juice from fresh fruits, berries and vegetables.

Interesting candidate as a content gift boxes – auger juicer Rawmid Dream Modern JDM-80. Due to the vertical orientation of the auger, the device has a high efficiency of juice extraction from non-solid fruits and berries. However, power of 200 W is sufficient for the extraction of carrots, beets and other hard root vegetables. An interesting feature of this model – touch screen control panel where you can select one of 9 modes of operation, most suitable for a particular type of product. Thanks to low screw speed (45-55 rpm), Rawmid Dream Modern JDM-80 allows to obtain cold-pressed juices, and thus retain the maximum amount of vitamins, lycopine and enzymes.

4. Portable mini blender

Unlike the professional, portable mini blenders are lightweight, compact and can easily be carried in your bag or backpack. Mini-blender will be small but udalenky assistant in the preparation of smoothies, cocktails, baby food, sauces and soups. You can use them both at home and in camping, travelling, at the cottage or on a picnic.

One option is a mini-blender Rawmid Dream Mini BDM-08. Its key features is the relatively high power for its class (350 watts) and wide equipment consisting of 4 containers of different size and 4 interchangeable knife blocks.

If Dream Mini BDM-08 is plugged in, the USB Portable blender Rawmid RPB-03 need only charge via the cable from the charging device or the drive, and then it will autonomously work in all conditions. Miniature blender has sufficient power for making smoothies, vegetable purees, cereals, or soup. Due to the ease and compactness, it is convenient to take with you on trips and travel, and enjoy the fresh smoothies in the car, the train, forest and beach.

Select a small, but valuable gift in the catalog mini-blenders.

5. Home new

For vegans and vegetarians particularly important to supply direction are seedlings, and then if. But not in every store you can find these products, and even fresh. The problem is solved a new home Sprouter Rawmid. This device combines the work of the bean and the grower of microcline. It is simple: in a container filled with water and a tray of filled seeds processed. Watering the seeds and generation of fog is carried out automatically. In a few days the seeds had sprouted, and after 5-7 days you can harvest greens with a height of about 15 cm.

6. Vacuum sealer

First, the vacuum sealer helps to extend the shelf life of products up to several times. And just that the device deserves attention. For example, in conventional packaging of fresh vegetables stored in the refrigerator for about 3 days and in vacuum up to 10 days. Also the vacuum packaging protects from the mixing of odors in the refrigerator. Another interesting direction of use of the vacuum vessel – protection of documents, cash, smartphone and other items from moisture (important for lovers of Hiking). Vacuum packing can be used as an alternative to the laminated paper to preserve documents, children’s drawings and other securities, protect them from fading and moisture.

For example, a vacuum sealer Rawmid Dream Modern VDM-01. It is versatile: it works with wet and dry foods, with hard and brittle. Able to vacuum the packages, and to pump out air from the containers and bottles. His older friend – vacuum sealer Rawmid Dream Pro VDP-02. Has the same features as Modern, but in addition boasts some chips. For example, it has rapid mode of pickling products in a vacuum. Also a useful addition is the built-in film cutter. Both models you can find in the catalogue of vakuumatorom Rawmid.

7. Melanger

Using melanger you can prepare homemade chocolate, nut paste, orbachi, tahini and many other paste-like dishes from grains, nuts and beans. This device will be a delightful gift for the sweet tooth, because melanger allows you to make real chocolate mouth-watering texture with grain size of 15-20 microns, which is consistent with the highest standards of luxury dessert. The obvious advantage of homemade chocolates – choose your own recipe, following their personal culinary preferences. In addition, the home melanger allows you to save on buying store-bought chocolate, Urbach and nut pastes. The kit melanger Rawmid Dream Classic MDC-01
also includes two additional attachments: scraper to extract coconut meat and kneading dough.

8. Mill

Vegetable oil is an important source of nutrients for vegans and vegetarians. However, the quality of store-bought goods often causes issues. For example, Flaxseed oil has a short shelf life and quickly becomes rancid, turning from useful oil in the toxic food additive. Fresh oil every day will provide home electrical Rawmid oil press Dream Modern ODM-01. The device is simple and easy to use: adjust the temperature of the spin and gradually pour seeds or nuts. For example, from 500 g flax you can get up to 100 gr of oil (amount of oil output depends on the temperature of the spin cycle: the higher it is, the more it turns out the oil). The device allows you to oil both hot and cold pressed.

9. Aeropittura

Aeropittura Rawmid Modern RMA-12
is a multifunctional device that allows you to cook a variety of dishes: French fries, pizza, bread, pies, chips, soy meat and more. The device functions as a conventional plate (cooking), oven (baking, drying), grill (on rotating skewers, you can cook soy meat, or skewers of seitan), frying (cooking French fries). Due to the presence of 16 automatic modes for cooking different dishes, the user will not have problems with the settings. The device is equipped with useful features: timer, pause, delay start. This multifunction device will be a great gift and will be very opportunely on Christmas preparations.

10. Equivalent products

Cold smoke generator Smoking Rawmid Aroma Smoking Gun RAS-01 is a compact appliance to give the dishes flavour at home. If I wanted food too, for example, crackers, with equivale the problem is solved in a few minutes. The device runs on two AA batteries and very economical, easy to use. Place the chips, ignite it and press the button. Smoke will be pumped through a silicone hose in a package or container of food. The running time of the appliance exceeds 30 seconds – this is enough for the formation of sufficient amount of smoke. If necessary, you can give food to infuse in the smoke for a few minutes.


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