TOP eco-friendly rules for the Christmas tree

The symbol of the New year and Christmas – decorated with green fir – has long been concerned about people worrying about the state of the environment. How environmentally friendly to use in the house felled tree? And how to properly dispose of? That you can use as a holiday symbol? We prepared a material with the answers to these questions!

Artificial or real?

A shocking study of the consulting company from Canada Ellipsos, published in 2009, once and forever changed the attitude of the conscious people to the issue of the Christmas tree. Thus, it was found that the production of artificial fir trees spent several times more energy resources, and caused even more significant damage to animals and nature than in cultivation trees specially for sale! And just in case if artificial home decoration acquired a stepping stone to the use of no less than 20-25 years, the damage is minimized.

In this regard, when selecting trees, guided by a few simple recommendations:

1. The cut evergreen trees buy only from licensed sellers at Christmas bazaars – these documents ensure that the annual damage is compensated by planting young derevtsov instead of sold.

2. To real fir tree stood longer, use a stand is a tripod of metal. Now it is possible to choose the model with the added feature of adding the water – so the barrel will time to hydrate and wood will delight more time.

3. Properly dispose of the tree after the holidays.

4. Choosing an artificial fir tree, keep from it came the persistent smell of plastic and household products, and the needles do not fall out of design when pressure. Remember that the decoration should serve you faithfully for decades! So take responsibility for the quality of the product.

Don t forget that you can not buy a cut tree, and to make it from twigs, cut down trunks in the forest. Pruning does not harm growth, and the lower branches while quite substantial, so will look beautiful and big house in a small apartment.

6 eco-friendly ways of disposing of the tree after the holiday

If you purchased the house a real tree, do not rush to carry it to the nearest dumpster after the holidays – is likely utilities utilize it along with other waste that will cause harm to the environment. Today, there are 6 ways to recycle and use has fulfilled its function of Christmas decorations:

Method 1. Include a tree farm or to the zoo.

No matter how you treat animals in captivity, for example, in the zoo, they still live there. Your dried spruce with yellow needles – a great winter additive to food for many species of cloven-hoofed, warm bedding or even a toy. For example, monkeys like to build from needles and jacks to play them with the cubs. In advance, please call the zoo or farm and arrange what time will bring the majority of workers of these institutions love animals and be sure to use your gift as directed.

Method 2. To give fir to the lumber yard.

Despite the fact that the trunk of the holiday tree, usually medium-sized, it can be used in decorations for furniture or for the production of special compositions for the treatment of wooden articles.

Method 3. Make the mattress with the therapeutic effect.

Thin litter full of dry needles is one of the well-known folk remedies to combat joint pain. Plus the way that this product you can ask fir more, and friends who are willing to part with it. Sew a large case of thick fabric, and stuff it with pine needles, to achieve a thickness of at least 5-10 cm For getting rid of joint pain enough to lie on it just a few minutes a day, after covering blanket to the needle pricked the skin.

Method 4. To use for the stove at the cottage or in the bath.

If you are a happy owner of a country house, the fir tree will be an excellent fuel for the furnace in the cold winter evenings. It can also be used in the bath, if it involves her design – hot steam with the aroma of pine forest provided!

Method 5. To make fertilizer for plants and trees.

This wood is shredded to chips, which you can then sprinkle the ground around the garden trees and flowers. This fertilizer is called mulch and is used for getting rid of weeds and prevent soil erosion.

Method 6. Make a beautiful border for flowerbeds.

Even if you have no luck, you may every spring break a small garden under the Windows of a multistory building in which you live? In this case, this method will appeal to you. The tree trunk is cut into uniform circles, and rubbed the sharp edges and leave to dry on the balcony before the first heat. Then they can decorate the bed, making a small fence for her.

However, current eco-friendly trends for that year, show: function Christmas Tree can do the most unexpected things!

What to use instead of wood?

If you are open to new trends, innovative thinker and like experiments, the following list of ideas for you:

· Christmas tree made of tinsel

It is not necessary to glue the tinsel to the wall is certainly crammed on edge, at least for office workers. You can make Carcas from cardboard, wire and glue it shiny Christmas decorations.

· “Book” tree

If the house has a lot of books to show imagination, they can also be used in Christmas decorations. Place the stack so that in form it was like the fir, and then decorate garlands, rain, decompose on speakers copies of small Christmas toys.

· The tree from a ladder

Ordinary, seemingly, a ladder can also be a symbol of the holiday! Of course, this idea will satisfy not everyone, but certainly will appeal to all who are not indifferent to contemporary art. Install the ladder in a prominent place, wrap the garland, rain, adorn other Christmas decorations and enjoy!

· Tree of food

Cooks will appreciate: a tree can be created from fresh broccoli, carrots, zucchini, herbs and other supplies that were previously used exclusively in the dishes. Here imagination has no limits! And there is nothing to worry about the proper disposal of decorations – because it can be eat together with the guests during the celebration!

· Painted tree

If there is a place for a large Board where you can draw with crayons or with special pens, it s perfect. If not at the hardware store you can buy a special sheet of graphite paper or chalk upholstery cloth. By the way, this decor item can be used all year round – special love remain children!

Don t forget that the “model” modern Christmas tree is only limited by your imagination. Don t be afraid to experiment: even the wife of the President of the United States Melania trump in this year set in the White house alley of trees…red. Many resented it and was surprised by what the first lady said calmly: “everyone has his own taste”.

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