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6 Feb

Copitas El Happy End

Bartenders Copitas El St. Petersburg is the famous yellow room and you go, I swear it is necessary. Plus – special guests of the evening will be Anton Metaplas (BarDuck, Minsk), Eugene Shashin (“Boxes”), Kenan Assab (Worlds Chess Club), Andrew Bolshakov (City Space Bar & Restaurant). Yes there will arrive the father and founder of Bek Narzi! Control stand DJ Razokov. And all this in honor of the International day of the bartender so the cocktails will give 6 Feb at the festive price — 499 RUB Chinese New year in a Happy End, if anything, will celebrate the day before: hold on!

Address: spiridonievsky pereulok, 9, building 1

Phone: +7 (499) 704-69-69

6 Feb

Cocktail club Saxon+Parole

February 6 in Moscow at Saxon+Parole will also celebrate the international day of barman, will launch a series of parties closed “Cocktail club S+P”. The main theme of the party selected Johnnie Walker Black Label — a brand with almost 200 years of history. And the mood of the evening will set ethnic set that will play a DJ Nicolas.

Address: spiridonievsky pereulok, 12/9

Phone: +7 (903) 755-03-43

6 Feb

Louis Roederer Champagne in La Fabbrica, Rostov-on-don

Champagne house Louis Roederer Champagne comes with tours in Russia, and in Rostov-on-don, passing from the two capitals. Gastronomic dinner with the participation of the House will be held February 6 to thank for it need holding “Right Bank” and the Novikov Group. To meet for dinner in La Fabbrica — restaurant with Italian character — will be the brand Ambassador of Louis Roederer Waller, Thierry (Thierry king Blondeau) and chef La Fabbrica, the famous Mirko Zago. Dinner for 30 people, the set will include four feed and a few appetizers that the dishes will select Thierry Waller. In addition to seafood, the menu of the evening — Mignon of beef with foie Gras, purée of roasted chestnuts with black truffle, creamy, crunchy crème brûlée, served with truffle ice cream and chestnut. Beginning at 19:00, dinner will cost 4500 rubles., book.

Address: Rostov-on-don, Krasnoarmeyskaya street, house 168/99

Phone: 8 (863) 270-57-47

6 Feb

Gastroin in Uhvat

The tandem of chefs Viktor Whiter and Maksim Rybakov (everyone knows at Suzdal “Uley”) — cook a four hands dinner at the restaurant Uhvat to trekhgorka apartment. Uhvat, as you remember — this place, where there are three fantastic furnace serving new Russian cuisine. Whiter specializiruetsya in anguish, Fishermen knows many old recipes — together they have prepared a special set menu. All will be served three courses and desserts, a food — mosaic of fish pagenum potatoes (this was in the sixteenth century a kind of frying), carp, baked in sour cream, with millet gruel, duck with pickled apples, cranberries and spelt porridge. The cost gastroin — 3500 RUB, guests gather from 19:00 (in time to enjoy an outdoor stove shop), the action will begin at 20:00. If you need to walk the foreigners or to impress friends.

Address: ulitsa Rochdelskaya, 15, p. 41

Phone: +7 (977) 125-51-77

6 Feb

“Moscow lunch”: “Journey Onegin” in the “Matryoshka”

In the novel “Eugene Onegin” Pushkin describes food and drinks with great care, than female legs. Chef Vlad Piskunov will share details of Pushkin’s life in the “Doll” on 6 February in the framework of the historical-gastronomic evenings “Moscow Lunches”. If you pre-pay on the website and receive a 10% discount.

Address: Kutuzovsky prospect, 2/1, page 6

Phone: +7 (495) 154 08 26

From 6 to 8 February

The chef of Paris Ritz in the Novikov School

Cooking school Novikov School arranges a tour, Salle Nicolas (Nicolas Sale), the owner of two stars Michelin, and the chef of the hotel Ritz Paris. What Sal has brought to restaurants Michelin stars — two at La Table de l’espadon and Les Jardins de l’espadon, in addition, in 2017, he was recognized as chef of the year in France. As part of the tour includes master classes for Amateurs and professionals. 7 February at 19:30 will be held a master class for professional chefs. February 8 at 10:00 on the master-class waiting for Amateur cooks, cook will have salmon fillet at hussar and sea scallops with a Duo of sauces, truffle and foie Gras. And on 8 Feb at 19:00 will be held a gastronomic dinner with wine accompaniment. Among the items on the dinner menu — the ceviche of sea bass with a marinade and sauce made from kiwi fruit, beef with quince (stewed, fried and mashed potatoes) and a sauce of black compuscope pepper, chocolate meringues. By the way, in Moscow Nicolas Salle, along with his team will present, in addition to a restaurant, L’espadon, cooking school École Ritz Escoffier.

Address: Bolshaya Yakimanka, 22 (Hymen Mall, 2nd floor)

Phone: +7 (905) 788-89-15

From 7 to 10 February

Pablo Esteban Lagrange on Usachevsky market

The case when it is necessary to go not anywhere but into the market to try the original menu from the famous Argentine chef Pablo Esteban Lagrange, the winner of the competition of young chefs San Pellegrino Young Chef. From 7 to 10 February, he will stand at the counter sviatkivska, the third project USCENTCOM Prawns on the market. Author’s menu from the chef will accompany Chandon Rosé – the winner in the category “rose” by the international competition CSWWC. It can be said, is only the beginning: every three months famous European chefs will develop for Prawns on USCENTCOM special gastromony. Performed by Pablo you can try items such as shrimp tempura vodka, seaweed and orange confit, octopus kimchi with mashed sweet potatoes, Thai ramen with pineapple flambe and salmon caviar and not only. Dishes from the chef of Michelin-starred restaurants such as Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark), Mugaritz (Errenteria, Spain), Tickets (Barcelona, Spain), one of the most important markets of the Moscow event itself, and the promise and musicians in the evenings and DJ sets from OhDanila and Rady fox.

Address: Usacheva ulitsa, 26

Phone: +7 (999) 003-00-30

7 Feb

Tour of Paco Roncero in Twins Garden

Twins Garden again in the event, claiming to be the event of the month. This time the brothers Berezutskiy has teamed up with the owner of two stars Michelin Paco Roncero. The same one that opened one of the most expensive restaurants in the world — Sublimotion, in Ibiza. The facility is designed for 12 guests, offers not just food and theatrical performance for guests, in addition to chefs, meet the musicians, magicians, stage designers and the list goes on, so the average check is about $ 2000, doesn’t have to be high. 7 Feb Paco prepares together with his brothers Berezutskii in the Twins Garden. Set includes 14 innings. The opportunity to attend the dinner with six hands, will cost 10 000 RUB., start at 20:00, dinner will be 60 lucky winners.

Address: Strastnoy Boulevard, building 8A

Phone: +7 (499) 112 33 00

7 Feb

Gastronomic dinner at Quadrum

The restaurant Quadrum, continues a series of gastronomic dinners (a total of four such planned events). The first dinner will be held February 7 and will focus on France. Topic — organic wines (the popularity of the area continues to gain momentum). The chef has developed a menu of four innings, and for dinner will consist of no more than three ingredients — I love this approach, preserving the purity of taste. French organic wine presents chef-sommelier — wines will be presented from two regions of France: Loire valley and Bordeaux including wines from Michel Rolland. Dinner will start at 19:00, at a cost of 4900 rubles per person, including wine. The need for booking.

Address: street Okhotny Ryad, building 2, floor 2

Phone: +7 (499) 277-72-30, +7 (499) 277-71-00

On 7 and 8 February

LEO wine & kitchen (Rostov-on-don) Touché

LEO wine bar wine & kitchen is often called one of the best in Russia. And now as part of the tour dinners “Expedition” arrives at Touché bar. Chef LEO Maxim Lyubimov will cook, and find fault to his food will be the co-owner and sommelier of the bar Sergey Podporin. Declared cured beets with smoked cheese and a sauce of black currant, lasagna baked celeriac and porcini tartlet with chocolate mousse, quince and cream with cardamom, quail with carrot cream, stewed hearts, baked onions jam and currant, etc. each dish is served with handpicked by Podporina a glass of wine. The dinners will start on 7 and 8 February at 18:00.

Address: Rochdelskaya street 15, building 22

Phone: +7 (495) 798 78 28

8 Feb

Birthday projects Cevicheria / Tartaria / Vineria

Three trendy places “Golden mile”, United under the brand of Raw Religion, celebrate their second birthday: it’s Cevicheria, Tartaria, Vineria — equally beloved brainchild of Lisa Stanovoy. Will start at Vineria: the claimed casino wine from Vinoterra, a blind tasting of Real Wine, Authentic, as well as the competition of German and Austrian Rieslings from the L-Wine. And will continue to Cevicheria, a favorite of the secular Moscow for an impressive selection of natural and biodynamic wines complemented by gastronomic food (take a ceviche of wild salmon with cream of sweet potato and octopus and squid with sauce “sangrita”, the grilled squid with cream of potato, Murmansk flounder with artichoke and scallops with truffle cream) and the Friday DJ nights. Gala dinner at Cevicheria will be held with DJs Basil and Shambala Andrey Korets.

Address: Prechistenskaya Naberezhnaya 15 bld. 1

Phone: +7 (495) 132-23-77, +7 (495) 132-23-88

8 and 9 February

Garima Arora in Black Thai

8 and 9 February in the Black Thai will cook in its original manner by the Creator and chef of the restaurant GAA (Bangkok) Garima Arora. Women Power in all its splendor — my restaurant in Bangkok was opened in April 2017 and November 2018 is already included in the Red guide, becoming thus the first woman in the world originally from India, received a coveted Michelin star. In her career history includes internships such masters as Gordon Ramsay and rené Redzepi. Of Asia, it will specially bring the sauces and spices, so taste what fashionable India. Set includes nine changes. Tasting will be presented crayfish, grilled Indian tortilla Khakra, tomato soup and a donut with spicy duck, spicy chicken liver with lychee and other dishes. To reserve a table in advance. The cost of the dinner was 6000 RUB. everything will Start at 19:00.

Address: Bolshoy Putinkovsky pereulok, Dom 5

Phone: +7 (495) 699 22 10, +7 (495) 699 26 74

9 and 10 February

Brunch in “Turandot”

What Russian will refuse once again to celebrate the New year, even according to the Chinese calendar? The restaurant “Turandot” on February 9 and 10 waiting for the guests at brunch on the occasion of the Chinese New year. Will dim sum and Peking duck, and, of course, fortune cookies. Bring your children — planned dance of the Chinese dragon, the dragon is usually huge, and it’s right the whole show. Brunch with alcohol is 5200 RUB, soft — 4350 rubles for Children brunch will cost 1450 rubles. Brunch Banquet is 5900 RUB, Le Grand Brunch — 8900 RUB.

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard, building 26

Phone: +7 (495) 739-00-11

Menu Impressionists in Brasserie Bridge

Brand-chef of Brasserie Bridge, handsome Jean-Luc moll, carries the culture to the masses, devoting a meal to the French impressionism. Menu special set it is possible to find the dish, referring to Degas, one by Matisse (the mullet and the “Red fish” — like you?) Oh, and the dessert “White lilies”, inspired by the clear way artist. Seth offered all of February, price — 2000 RUB.

Address: Kuznetsk Bridge, the house 6/3, p. 3

Phone: +7 (495) 660 07 06

Focacceria is “Claudia”

In place of the bar “Klava” Igor Vitsinskiy of the Semifreddo is now once group opened a new restaurant Focacceria. Interior — a cross between an American diner and a Parisian Brasserie — worked Irina Glik, here is a little chilly, like in the new apartment I moved. However, they are only a week out as it was, so it’s understandable. For the kitchen, meet chef Andrea Galli (he this morning the book was published: “Homemade bread, sausage, cheese with his own hands for his family. Pane e cured”) and the brand-chef Semifreddo is now once Nino Graziano. Book your Andrea follows in full: not only the bread (and Focaccia and pizzas here are thick and crispy, as we all loved in childhood), but all the sausages he makes. The food resembles what you can get in any trattoria in Northern Italy is bread, Focaccia with mortadella, Turkey Milanese with potato chips, stunning fresh pie and delicious pasta Carbonara, which will pull in about a million calories. However, not only for the balance of the menu has a Burger with avocado, vegan brand. Yes, and all the pasta dishes gluten-free. Salami Felino, salami of Fabriano, Kopp, mortadella and pancetta beef and pork you can buy to take away. Now they still have to start working on Fridays and Saturdays until two in the morning to the cheerful “patrikovsky” the audience could come here for a night snack after midnight “pizza of the devil” will go on hurrah.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya street, building 26, p. 1

Phone: +7 (495) 626-47-10

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