The best Christmas desserts in Moscow restaurants

Christmas collection, “Masha and the bear” in “Cafe Pushkin”

In confectionery “Café Pushkin” I always buy sweet mom. This year, it is inevitable, because the winter collection is dedicated to me: “Masha and bear” — just a brief retelling of my entire life. In fact, you can choose “Masha” and bite “his” head of wild berries and chocolate. You can buy “Bear” with creamy nougat and pears in caramelized honey and slapped him with a spoon, until he collapsed. And without all these passions to peacefully devour “the Log” in the form of a house Bears. The house Bears should definitely go to me, Yes.

Dessert “the Secret” in “Turandot”

Those who will celebrate the New year in the restaurant “Turandot” with Leonid Agutin and Christina Aguilera, will receive a sweet dessert “Secret”. I would be happy if he stayed in the restaurant’s menu forever: caramel mousse and ganache, the filling is marmalade passion fruit…

Christmas desserts in Coffeemania

Every December I look forward to a collection that they release. My family also waiting. And to choose from there is always something — God save the bakers “Coffeemania”. Dessert Mandarin (410 rubles), made in the form understand what fruit of the same stuff. There is still a citrus pepper, if that. Dessert “malachite” (450 rubles) — a layer with puree of sorrel. From sorrel, Carl! Cake “Shu” with vanilla cream and whipped cream assembled in the “Snowman” — a suit of white chocolate, red a garland of cream and chocolate topper (650 rubles). These Snowmen will definitely flooded my house. And finally, the “Tree” (410 RUB) — spicy cake with pieces of pecans and a layer of pears in caramel, covered with a crunchy glaze.

Christmas desserts at Ladurée

Ladurée, as you know, belongs to Aysel Trudel, and there is time to arrange some high tea. And yet the main suppliers of French chic in the capital worth a visit for Christmas “logs”. Available in “Louise” with the taste of milk chocolate, raspberry “Marie Antoinette” and “Fleur Noir” filled with vanilla cream mousse and Caribbean chocolate. The big “Christmas log” (for 4-6 persons) for sale at December 31, and the range of mini-cakes “Christmas log” available on January 13. Well, and macaroons, as to forget about them.

Jerusalem artichoke tart with ginger ice cream Cevicheria

Cevicheria in all of my friends go to drink wine, including orange, natural and biodynamic wines. One I sit with dessert: this tart of Jerusalem artichoke with ginger ice cream, on top of which flaunts my favorite whipped white, — “integrame”, not too sweet and not too rich

Christmas dessert in the “Barrel”

Restaurant “Bochka” I appreciate for two reasons: it is always delicious and there is always a lot of men. Yes, in addition, the facility operates around the clock is also a plus. Now another plus: all of January, the restaurant offers fabulously spectacular dessert: blueberry parfait with strawberry-raspberry jam. The name would have for him to come up with tricky.

Greek Christmas cookies at Molon Lave

In the bakery at the restaurant Molon Lave bake melomakarona and kourabiedes. Melomakarona (120 RUB./100 g) is juicy and crumbly cookies baked with the addition of fresh orange juice, zest and cinnamon, and then baking the impregnated sugar syrup. And kourabiedes (120 RUB./100 g) vanilla sugar cookies, decorated with powdered sugar. In addition, this year chef bakery Marina Carolino still and gingerbread at the ready (250 rubles for 1 PCs., kit — 500 RUB./6 PCs.). In the bakery prepare traditional cake “Vasilopita” (500 RUB/0,5 kg and 1000 RUB/1 kg), which is baked on the Day of St. Basil (in Greece it is celebrated on 1 January). The dough is put in the coin: found it, if you believe the theory will be happy for the whole year. For coin I is usually January 1, go to a restaurant where that tart treat all guests. I never got the coins, but is anyone ever stopped?

Dessert in the form of a bear “#CYBERLIBER”

My favorite dessert in the restaurant “#CYBERSAUR” — bear from a cedar milk. It actually came up in the summer, but that’s no reason to belittle his dignity in winter. Especially that Teddy bear is really cool with pleats on the neck, tail and other “minimise” details. Sam the bear in fact and in spirit, is Panna cotta, and the role of ice floes on which he sits, are the meringue. Snow drifts — ice cream sundaes with pine dust. Decorate the dessert of candied branch of a fir. Instagram is crying from emotion

Dessert with a Japanese flavour in All Sushi

Japanese concise dessert at my favorite Japanese restaurant All Sushi is called “Tokyo masu” and costs 450 RUB Can safely call it Japanese tiramisu: part — mascarpone cream and biscuit of the match, and decorate the dessert with matcha powder and fresh raspberries.

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