Beet salad with cheese and prosciutto

It is a fairly simple salad that has a very mild and interesting flavor. This recipe is taken from the transmission unsurpassed Ilya Lazerson – “Breakfast in bed”. And really it is great for Breakfast – a light and yet hearty by the presence of Parma ham. In a classic combination of beets and feta […]

A salad of beets and prunes

Very healthy and tasty salad. We eat it with vegetable oil, but it is possible with sour cream or mayonnaise. Ingredients for the “Salad of beets and prunes”: Beets (Boiled or baked) — 300 g Prunes — 120 g Sunflower seeds (Toasted) — 3 tbsp. Vegetable oil — to taste Salt — to taste Cooking […]

Warm salad of liver with pear

The unusual combination of chicken liver with poached pear and mustard dressing Ingredients for “Warm salad of liver with pear”: Salad Chicken liver — 400 g Pear — 2 PCs Bow white — 1 piece Vegetable oil — 3 tbsp. Walnuts — 50 g Salt — 0.1 tsp. Black pepper — 0.1 tsp. Dressing Vinegar […]

Salad “Husband likes”

My husband is eating a big tricky. And to please him with a salad is not easy. But somehow in one cooking magazine (I forget the title) found this recipe and changed it a bit – drove, so to speak, at the taste of her husband. And, lo and behold! Husband approved. And now no […]

The Chinese cabbage salad

The combination of ingredients in this salad is rather unusual, but in the end, all together it turns out very tasty. If you want to surprise your family, then feel free to prepare this delicious salad. Ingredients for “Chinese cabbage Salad”: Cabbage — 200 g Cucumber — 150 g Crab sticks — 100 g Sausage […]

Beet salad “Delicious”

This salad settled in our menu forever)) It’s delicious and perfect for lent. Non-trivial beet salad. Caring-treat TES))) Ingredients for “Beet salad “Delicious””: Beets (Boiled) — 1 piece Red onion (Bulb) — 1 piece Apple (Granny or Semerenko) — 1 piece Beans (Red) — 1 ban. Sunflower oil (Unrefined) — 2 tbsp Greens (Any on […]

Salad of green tomatoes for the winter

Perhaps, I will not discover America this recipe. Sure many Housewives do a salad of green tomatoes for the winter. But as usual, everyone has their secrets, especially cooking. What I love in this salad is that it is not digested becomes after cooking in something unappetizing. The vegetables in the salad remain distinct and […]

Healthy salad with digestive problems from Sasha Zvereva

Many women, especially during childbearing, faced with problems of digestion. The doctor in this case, I strongly suggest you reconsider the diet, and also not to forget about drinking regime. Famous singer and blogger Sasha Zvereva recently told its readers recipe is a healthy and delicious salad which will help to cope with a delicate […]

Beet salad, olives and mozzarella

Want to offer a simple but very tasty salad of beets, green olives and mozzarella. Cooks very quickly and the result will please you. Can be used as a garnish to the meat. Ingredients for “beet Salad, olives and mozzarella”: Salad Beets (boiled or baked,I have a big) — 1 piece Green olives (seedless) — […]

Chicken salad with low content of cholesterol

At once confess frankly that, for example, the standard “Olivier” I think tastier, but since you (like me) aim to maximally lower the content of cholesterol in the dish, you have yet to try this dish 🙂 Ingredients for “Chicken salad low cholesterol”: Chicken — 200 g Potatoes — 3 PCs Egg white — 3 […]