Cabbage pie with chicken breast

Offer to bake a cake on yeast dough with cabbage and chicken breast. Great for lunch and for dinner. Ingredients for “Cabbage pie with chicken breast”: The dough Milk (you can take the serum)) — 250 ml Chicken egg — 2 PCs Salt — 2 tsp. Sugar — 4 tbsp Flour / Flour ((may need […]

Chicken baked in a pumpkin

Bright autumn pumpkin is always impressive. Edible pot stuffing cook in the oven and when pumpkin flesh, soaked with chicken and the flavors of the seasonings, spices – get a wonderful dish that will be incredibly tender, delicious and juicy, it is perfectly possible to apply for a family dinner or lunch on the festive […]

Chicken kebabs in a mustard glaze

Simple in preparation but very effective kebab from chicken mince with flavor of Smoking. A spicy sauce with mustard TM “HAAS”, “Honey” gives them a gloss and sharp-sweet taste. Help yourself. Ingredients for “Chicken kebabs in a mustard glaze”: Kebab Minced chicken — 500 g Bacon — 150 g Onion — 1 piece Semolina — […]

Chicken cutlet on bean pillow

Wanted to make meatballs today from the site ‘the scullion’. But in the process of cooking I decided to improvise, so the photo was done immediately. Chops turned out very juicy and tender! Try it and You! Ingredients for “Chicken cutlet on bean pillow”: Chicken fillet — 500 g Onion — 2 PCs Beans — […]

Chicken wings with cheese sauce

Chicken wings with cheese sauce from Hochland. Ingredients for “Chicken wings with cheese sauce”: Sauce Cheese (“Hochland” “Soup and sauce” for hot dishes) — 100 g Cream (20-30%) — 200 ml Onion — 1 piece Curry — 1 tsp. Salt — to taste Wings Chicken wings — 2 kg Garlic — 5 a tooth. Vegetable […]

Strudel with chicken and potatoes

Came the cold time. You want something more hearty. Offer to cook the chicken with potatoes. And a delicious strudel for a couple. Ingredients for “Strudel with chicken and potatoes”: Flour / Flour — 450 g Water — 250 ml Sunflower oil — 50 ml Yeast (Dry) — 7 g Sugar — 1 tbsp Salt […]

Chicken in creamy mustard sauce

Delicious, hearty dish with a delicate, mild but rich sauce. A good option when in minutes need to feed the family or guests good homemade food. A hearty Breakfast, quick lunch or a cozy dinner – choose your option. The sauce is the main component to the plates will not leave at all, no drops) […]

The chicken liver pate

If you love chicken liver pate, this recipe you will love it, it is very easy to prepare and most importantly delicious… Ingredients for “chicken liver Pate”: Chicken liver — 400 g Carrots (medium) — 1 piece Onion (medium) — 1 piece Butter (30 gr. for sautéing vegetables) — 150 g Salt (Adygei) — to […]

Roulade chicken skin “Kaleidoscope”

Offer loaf, made on chicken skin. Many remove skin from chicken Breasts in the process of preparing home-cooked meals. You can save it and cook the loaf which will serve as a great snack and alternative to store-bought sausage. The result is always wonderful – prepared from the available products and each time it can […]

Chicken leg quarters in plums

Looks like I invented a new recipe!) We all have long been accustomed to that chicken in the oven is tasty, and fast. Putting things in order in the freezer, I found chicken legs, rearranged them in the fridge (let it will be unfrozen) and decided tomorrow bake in the oven. Ingredients for “Chicken leg […]