Beet salad with cheese and prosciutto

It is a fairly simple salad that has a very mild and interesting flavor. This recipe is taken from the transmission unsurpassed Ilya Lazerson – “Breakfast in bed”. And really it is great for Breakfast – a light and yet hearty by the presence of Parma ham. In a classic combination of beets and feta […]

Cheese sandwich with pesto and bacon

Cheese sandwich with tomato pesto and fried bacon from Hochland. Ingredients for “Cheese sandwich with pesto and bacon”: Cheese (Hochland for hot dishes) — 8 lost. Bread (ciabatta) — 1 piece Pesto (from the tomatoes) — 4 tbsp Bacon — 6 lat. Tomato — 1 piece Salt — to taste Black pepper — to taste […]

Home Adygei cheese

TYPE Zakosciele 60 minodronate of Signapore: 4 Lovers of gentle, soft cheeses is dedicated to…Kitchen solar Adygea gave us a wonderful recipe of cheese, which has become an industrial brand in 1980. Since this product can be found on the shelves of many stores in different parts of the world, although it is made from […]

Chicken wings with cheese sauce

Chicken wings with cheese sauce from Hochland. Ingredients for “Chicken wings with cheese sauce”: Sauce Cheese (“Hochland” “Soup and sauce” for hot dishes) — 100 g Cream (20-30%) — 200 ml Onion — 1 piece Curry — 1 tsp. Salt — to taste Wings Chicken wings — 2 kg Garlic — 5 a tooth. Vegetable […]

Tender on the inside. Fine cooking grilled cheese

In recent years is rapidly gaining popularity so unusual in our latitudes appetizer like fried cheese. The cooking process of this dish, at first glance, is simple, but there are some nuances and secrets that you should know. Recipes creative appetizers — in the article “AIF-Chelyabinsk” Eat hot videocollege the Soviet people knew that fried […]

Cheese spaghetti Carbonara

Cheese spaghetti Carbonara from Hochland. Ingredients for “Cheese spaghetti Carbonara”: Cheese (Automobiles for hot dishes) — 200 g Spaghetti — 400 g Bacon (+ 4 slices for filing) — 150 g Yolk egg — 4 PCs Cream (20%) — 100 ml Garlic — 2 the tooth. Olive oil — to taste Salt — to taste […]

Potato meatballs with beef and cheese

Potato meatballs with beef and cheese is a great idea cooking in cloudy, cold weather. In the filling you can add mushrooms, spinach. The idea saw in the Internet. Ingredients for “Potato meatballs with beef and cheese”: Potatoes — 6 PCs Minced meat — 250 g Onion — 1 piece Pepper (any color) — 60 […]

Cottage cheese-Apple pie

Easy to make a cake, but very tasty and original. Fans of Apple and cheese fillings will appreciate this cake as well! Ingredients for “Cheese and Apple pie”: The dough Flour / Flour — 260 g Butter — 180 g Sugar — 100 g Leavening agent — 2 tsp. Apple filling Apple (Medium) — 6 […]

Cheese buns with cranberry jam

Want to please family and friends the delicate cream cakes, then this recipe is for you! Ingredients for “Cheese buns with cranberry jam”: Cheese — 250 g Flour / Flour (with a small slide) — 7 tbsp Sugar — 3 tbsp. Chicken egg (1 egg in the dough, 1 egg for lubrication of the buns […]