Sun in the glass: 3 festive cocktail with Aperol

Aperol Spritz (Aperol Syringe) – one of the most popular summer cocktails of recent years, but the pungent taste of bitter Aperol will perfectly fit into a festive winter mood. Especially for Irina Mashikhina, President of the Ukrainian Association of Bartenders, prepared in three original cocktail based on it, which are not difficult to repeat yourself.

Cocktails with Aperol from Irina Mashinii Club

This cocktail I came up with in August this year, when came on a business trip to Finland. The cocktail is called Sissu Club, translated from Finnish Sissu is a brave and courageous man, ready to get out of the comfort zone. This cocktail was first laid in the barrel which I haven’t opened it yet, but today I show it a lighter option.

It consists of only three ingredients that are part of a global trend of modern Mixology, which aims to create original cocktails with the least amount of ingredients – 3-4 ideally, a maximum of 5.

The cocktail included:

50 ml of grapefruit Finlandia vodka

20 ml of Aperol

20 ml. of elderflower liqueur St-Germain

Grapefruit is very good with Aperol, so all lovers of bitters, I recommend to pay attention to this combination. The fact that Aperol has the necessary softness, tenderness and illusory-a beautiful sweetness, which makes it more “friendly” than the more bitter the bitter Campari. In this cocktail for me, excellent balance, and the components do not overshadow each other.

Preparing the cocktail method stirr the ingredients are mixed together in a mixing glass with ice, and the resulting mixture was poured into a chilled glass. I recommend to spray the glass essential oil – I like the combination of grapefruit and lemon, where some tartness combined with the freshness. Technically pour ingredients better starting with a strong Foundation, and then add modifiers (Aperol liqueur).

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Sissu Club is a fairly strong cocktail, but it creates a feeling of warmth, comfortable-plotnogo sentiments that would be appropriate in the cold season.


This cocktail was invented by my colleague from new York’s Julie Reiner. It is based on Pisco, a distillate from the muscatel grape, which is considered a national of strong alcoholic drink in Peru and gives the cocktail the correct amount of conviviality and the South American passion.

The cocktail included:

50 ml Pisco

35 ml of Aperol

15 ml. fresh lemon juice

15 ml grapefruit juice

15-20 ml. sugar syrup (optional)

A cocktail prepared in a shaker. To feed take a rocks glass, pour into it a few drops of Kirsch and envelops the internal wall. Then put in a glass of pure ice (better to take large lump to cool the drink, but avoid unnecessary dilution with water) and pour the cocktail in a bowl for serving. The ending always supplied with essential oil. I should add that the amount of sugar syrup can be varied depending on their tastes.

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CUZCO is quite a complex cocktail that is not so easy to prepare at home, but the result will justify all the effort and decorate a winter evening.


This recipe I dedicated and gave to a Ukrainian TV presenter Dasha Malakhova. Allegra in Italian is translated as fun, and she gives me such a bright and positive feelings. For her I wanted to make Sunny and cheerful cocktail, describing her character.

The cocktail included:

40 ml of grapefruit Finlandia vodka

20 ml of Aperol

15 ml. fresh orange juice

15 ml. fresh grejpfrutovogo

3-5 drops Angostura orange bitters

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Preparing a cocktail is very easy – all the ingredients are mixed in a shaker, poured into a chilled glass that is irrigated by any citrus essential oil: lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit. The final touch will be an elegant decoration in the form of peel. And I repeat, do not need to invent anything extra, because the essence in the glass, and everything else is secondary.

Thanks for the help in organization of shooting bar Biancoro.

Photo: Yuri Yackulic

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