Sakhalin scallops with ginger dressing, fish soup with sturgeon and other dishes for which it is worth to keep Humans Seafood Bar

New year a few days, and you do not get to see you and to congratulate you? Exchange gifts and wishes nicer for a dozen oysters and a glass of sparkling in the afternoon and in the evening — warming spicy paella and spicy pan-Asian dishes. Humans Seafood Bar is already the name says, created for a good friend’s company, and ready to please a long menu of all without exception. Importantly, in Humans, both Russian and foreign wild fish and seafood from the category of expensive delicacies translated here in an accessible and delicious food, where you can pamper yourself not only on holidays. Menu connected Mediterranean food, a popular pan-Asian hits and native Russian specialties. You should definitely pay attention to the wild in Sakhalin scallops with ginger dressing, salad with eel and spicy sauce, fish soup with sturgeon and reference spaghetti “Frutti di Mare”. For large companies chief Andrew Palenica cook king crab or a plateau with Magadan shrimp, oyster bar will be treated to sashimi, crudo, tartare and ceviche, and Ilya Bunin mix more drinks with fancy names “Bouquet for Calypso” and “My friend Jules Verne”. Special mention deserves the feed: your subscribers in Instagram you will not forgive the lack of photos with impressive dishes and glasses — works of art.

Interior design Humans engaged yuna Megre (Bureau Megre Interiors). She invented her own art version of the underwater world: let the black-and-grey textured waves created the illusion of flowing right on the table river cut through the magical brass tunnel between rooms, put on the perimeter of the soft shore-sofas and panoramic Windows hung curtains instead of fishing nets. 20 thousand leagues under the sea is 10 minutes from Pushkinskaya.

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