Restaurant Fabius presented the new chef

The Fabius restaurant kitchen is headed by chef Igor Ex. About his approach and preferences says

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A graduate of one of the most famous culinary schools in the world Le Cordon Bleu Igor Ex refers to the products and the cooking process, as the artist refers to his paintings. With trepidation, the chef chooses products, always pays attention to quality and seasonality. Eksperimentirovat and look for new tastes to him at the restaurant Fabius is especially nice, because the restaurant has its own dairy, bakery and ecotality.

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In the new seasonal menus, special attention Ex pays seafood. His personal favorites — cream of corn soup-grilled with crab, tagliatelle with cuttlefish ink and seafood, crispy octopus with roasted potatoes, and veal cheeks with pumpkin puree and a sauce of Bordeaux.

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Professional feature Igor Ex is the love of detail. Chef feels in depth and explores textures and tastes, with especial thoroughness refers to the techniques and methods of processing food. This is not surprising because after the end of the world-renowned school, still being a novice cook, my first experience in the kitchen Kalinichenko received a Michelin star restaurant. And getting enough experience in such countries as Kazakhstan, Serbia, Czech Republic and the UK, the new chef of the restaurant Fabius returned to Kiev to promote the culinary value in their hometown.

Restaurant Fabius

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