Cooking time: 0 h 19 min All true fans of beef steaks you want to offer a note of a terrific option, how to cook Chateaubriand. Tender beef that melts in your mouth, and a wonderful sauce. It’s worth a try!Description of preparation:in Spite of the fact that the process in total takes a lot […]

10 “tricks” that are easy to do at home

We offer you 10 amazing tricks-experiments, or research shows that you can do with your hands At the bottom of the child’s birth, at the weekend or on vacation spend time with benefit and become the center of attention of many eyes!In the preparation of the post helped us experienced organizer of scientific show Professor […]

Sushi baked

Cooking time: 35 min. Lovers of Asian cuisine, I hasten to share with you a very cool way to cook baked. Incredibly delicious crust gives it a special piquancy, they are impossible to put down Description of preparation:as for the filling, represented here by the set of ingredients is just a suggestion. You can use […]

Sausages in the potato test

Offer to prepare a quick snack. It turns out very tasty. Ingredients for “Sausages in the potato test”: Flour / Flour — 3 tbsp. Potatoes — 500 g Chicken egg — 1 piece Salt — 1 depot. Vegetable oil — 80 ml Sausage — 4 PCs Servings: 4 Recipe “Sausages in the potato test”: Fill […]

Rolls of Pita bread with savoury filling.

Worth a try just once and You will understand how it is delicious. Pita turns crispy browned and the filling is soft and juicy. Perfect for Breakfast and a hearty snack. And to prepare is very simple. Ingredients for “Roll of Pita bread with a hearty stuffing”: Ham — 100 g Tomato — 150 g […]

Pelmeni with Turkey “Autumn”

This recipe arose spontaneously. Granddaughter eats dumplings, but not eat manti with pumpkin. I think that many will agree, ravioli is too heavy food for the stomach of the child and not only child. So came the idea to use ground Turkey meat and add it to the pumpkin. Granddaughter to the question : “What […]

Green beans with hazelnuts

Vegetable dish, created based on only a few components can be an independent dish or a good side dish to meat or fish. The dish is light, aromatic and spicy, tender and hearty, with a slight creamy taste. Ingredients for “Green beans with hazelnuts”: Green beans (frozen) — 400 g Green peas (425 gr.) — […]