Madrid restaurants for pregnant women: delicious and safe.

Pregnancy brings about changes in women s lifestyles. They begin to pay special attention to their diet and the cooking process in order to avoid dangerous bacteria and parasites in the body. In this regard, during a trip to the restaurant pregnant women exclude salads, afraid that vegetables for them may not be washed so well, as well as cheeses and meat dishes. Some people stop having lunch or dinner outside their homes for nine months. Many of Madrid s modern restaurants offer special menus for expectant mothers so that they can enjoy a variety of tastes and be sure that their meals are safe.

Ochenta Grados

This restaurant was the first in the capital to develop a special menu for pregnant women in 2012.  Today their menu includes 20 main courses and 5 completely safe desserts. Some of the dishes on the menu are accompanied by a cooking technique. In the case of a burger on a brioche bun with kimchi sauce, it is noted that the meat is cooked at 80 degrees, which eliminates its potential danger. To get to the special menu section, some dishes in the main menu are removed from some ingredients. For example, duck ham can be removed from the pizza. Desserts do not contain raw eggs or preservatives. In Madrid you can already find 4 restaurants of this chain. They are also famous for their XS size, which allows you to try several different combinations at lunch or dinner.


– Paseo de la Castellana, 128

– Avenida de Europa, 11

– Calle Mirallos, 4

– Calle Manuela Malasaña, 10

La Fondue de Tell

The creators of the restaurant, Marlene Tellenbach and her husband Mariano, explain that pregnant women in Switzerland eat fondue without fear. The country is famous for its pasteurized cheeses, and the high temperature of this dish reduces the risks to zero. They recommend that you try their fondue made of raclette cheese Valois AOC.

Address: 12 Calle del Divino Pastor


expectant mothers can try the tasting or classic menu of this exquisite restaurant without analyzing the ingredients of each dish. “As soon as you inform us of your pregnancy-related dietary restrictions, we offer dishes that are adapted to your request, but not inferior in taste to the main courses,” says restaurant chef Julio Miralls.  When choosing dishes from the main menu, chefs are ready to tell you about the choice of products and the detailed process of its preparation.

Address: Calle Álvarez de Baena, 4

Poncelet Cheese Bar

Cheese lovers can continue to enjoy these products even during pregnancy at the Poncelet Cheese Bar cheese restaurant. In the menu you can find about 15 kinds of pasteurized cheeses and other dishes that expectant mothers can try without any doubts and health risks. For example, cheese croquettes, classic fondue with Gruyère, Vacherin Fribourgeois and Sbrinz cheeses, as well as desserts with hard cheese Manchego.

Address: 61 Calle de José Abascal

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