How delicious to spend new year holidays in St. Petersburg

Where to live?

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace St. Petersburg

The best rooms, outdoor Four Seasons in the famous House with the lions facing a whopper of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. In the winter you can throw a coat directly on a Bathrobe and Smoking on the large balcony, covered with snow, admiring the enormous dome. In Four Seasons — with four-poster beds, yoga classes, beautiful Luceo Spa, where you work, including on the Hungarian Omorovicza cosmetics and make great massages – expensive, of course, but where to go. And, by the way, there is a very good beauty salon for hair styling and Makov. The Spa area has a pool where you can hang out for an hour or two after winter walks, and the ground floor Tea lounge. Here not long ago updated the menu: now it is the modern Russian cuisine soup in a rye bread bowl, with a delicious Baltic herring on the Borodino bread with jam of red onions, dumplings with duck and beetroot consomme and Siberian venison with mulberries. And here it is necessary to order the desserts from a local pastry chef, Nicolas Lambert, the most charismatic chef of everyone you met in life. Subscribe to his Instagram nicolas_lambert (I could not resist). His desserts are the same charming and sexy as he is (if that French married — you know, the very upset): take raspberry or coconut, and their signature honey I’m losing my mind. And, of course, Tea lounge with its beautiful colors and high ceilings, and the hotel in General — from the Grand staircase leading to the second floor, to the fireplace in the bar Xander is the perfect backdrop for photos in Instagram. Take dresses A La Russe, jewelry Petit Aksenov, furs, shawls and gold ankle boots Prada you here.

Address: St. Petersburg, Voznesensky prospect, 1

Phone: +7 (812) 339-80-00

SPA in Russian

“Tar bath”

It’s beautiful, spacious, has a Hammam and aesthetic pool and room attendant assistance lather, RUB and hover brooms so that at the end of the procedure I want to hug them (some do). The brooms they steamed with aromatic herbs, give delicious teas, and for their company to make a premium apartment. “Tar baths” located near the Moscow station — you can walk, many of your Petersburg starting right with them. I can understand them. Has baths from 08:30 to 22:00 every day. Only 1 Jan — 13:00 and 31 Dec until 17:00.

Address: St.-Petersburg, street Tar, building 1, lit. A (Nevsky prospect, 140)

Phone: +7 (812) 425-3-425

Winter fun

Skating rink in New Holland and a veranda Kuznya House

New Holland I fell in love with, even when it was an abandoned island, belonging to the Baltic fleet. And then it took Roman Abramovich with his team, and now every time I first food here. The pool, which was built before the First world war to study the buoyancy and the buoyancy of ships for the winter now pour — it turns out the most romantic in the city rink. On the contrary — the restaurant Kuznya House Conservatory veranda, where there are hot tables-the pockets and drinks are served from a samovar in a vintage container. Before and after (or even instead — I do that all the time!) Catania can also enjoy hot cocoa and eat a couple of donuts. There are grog (350 rubles), a drink with honey, ginger and spices (350 rubles), mulled wine (350 rubles), raspberry, sea buckthorn and ginger drinks (200 rubles) and tea (100 rubles for 250 ml), including a fitness collection for fans of a healthy lifestyle. Works porch on weekends and public holidays.

Address: Saint-Petersburg, New Holland, quay of the Admiralty channel, 2

Phone: +7 (911) 921-16-69

Tours of the yards and front of Petersburg (“Crashcontrol”)

In the summer I walk with them across the roofs and winter — one of the kind and unusual courtyards. The walk lasts two hours; the guides have the keys and you go to the most famous apartment houses of the last century, where there is still communal, but the walls, ceilings, stained glass Windows, moldings, spiral staircases are all the same. In two hours you will learn more about the city than I realized in all previous visits. I was fascinated by.

Address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect, 32-34

Phone: +7 (950) 024-94-53, +7 (999) 200-73-12

Where to have Breakfast, lunch and dinner


In intelligent “Chaliapin”, which is celebrated in the autumn of the decade, to drive mom and serious men. Like the first reference to the life of an Opera singer and St. Petersburg aristocratic interior of the apartment, the second — excellent choice of vodka. On the menu — stuffed pike with vegetable marinade, pancakes with caviar, potato pancakes with mushrooms and pickles, cutlets “Pozharsky” — well, you understand. You can warm up infusions, snacking on homemade pastries, tea to take the artisanal marmalade. Sweet gifts can also be purchased — for example, take a gingerbread house or a chocolate Christmas tree decorations. The appetite for dinner try to work up in the alleys of the Tauride garden, unless, of course, will not freeze.

Address: St.-Petersburg, street Tver, the house 12/15

Phone: +7 (812) 926-19-08


The world Forbes has published a list of “The 10 Coolest Places to Eat in 2019” and the restaurant “Kokoko” Matilda Corded included in this list, becoming, of course, only from Russia. This is a good sign to start the year here. All holidays famous breakfasts “Kokoko” to 12:00; menu, by the way, Igor Grishechkin has been updated recently — there was the banana pancakes and scrambled eggs with crab. Well, about lunch and especially about the dinners here, and so you remember is always worth a visit.

Address: St. Petersburg, Voznesensky Prospekt 6

Phone: +7 (812) 418 20 60


To come to St. Petersburg and not go in Duo Gastrobar when it was almost blasphemy. But Dmitri Blinov and Renat Malikov is not standing still, opening the institution for the institution. So if you want to be the theme in the trend, then go into the Harvest — the new flagship restaurant from the Duo Band. To dress up there is not particularly necessary, the place is very stylish but simple (the well-dressed man there is usually Renat). Here are quite tasty if you like vegetables and are not afraid of butter. Hits of the menu are considered to be the pate of broccoli with pine nuts and sun-dried beet with a young cheese. At the head menu — cocktails based on fresh fruits and vegetables, and recommended specific dishes according to the type of wine pairing. A stated not just as fashion, but also with the ideology of responsible consumption, with residues of cabbage, for example, bake bread. By the way, this is not a vegetarian restaurant – half of the menu is given to all non-veg, including scallops with foie Gras, duck with Parmesan mousse and thymus gland with truffle.

Address: St. Petersburg, Prospekt Dobrolyubova, 11

Phone: +7 (911) 922-27-46

“Bath attendants”

At the time, “bath attendants” became one of the main discoveries of the year. The food here is Russian cuisine, but not cheap popular, and not designed for tourists. I am an absolute fan of chef Stanislav Lewko and ready to eat from his hand all that he made, starting with sandwiches and ending the Leningrad breakfasts and shikami with currant jam. Jelly here cook oxtail, condomi stuffed with mushrooms, bread dumplings complement the cheese and Suluguni cheese and pickle cooked with tongue, heart and cheeks. Take what Levko prepares in your own smokehouse (there is even a takeaway shop), and nostalgic desserts, of course — there is a chocolate salami and nuts with condensed milk, curd and ice-cream in white and dark chocolate (by the way, not killer sweet and nutritious — I recommend). The neighbors “Bath attendants”, by the way, those “Tar baths”, so that one can be stuck for half a day.

Address: St.-Petersburg, street Tar, house 1A

Phone: +7 (921) 941-17-44

The Repa

The Repa I love for several reasons: close to the Mariinsky (previously, there was a restaurant Behind the scenes and the walls are preserved autographs of Elena Obraztsova and Maya Plisetskaya), murals on the walls and the entire interior of Alena Akhmadullina, a kitchen with a fantasy in which Ginza Project restaurants are not always noticed. Over the last paragraph meets St. Petersburg chef Igor Zorin menu, you can find pickled turnips (as without it), and the broth of the cock with dumplings of pumpkin, and Voronezh beef with pumpkin. In the restaurant — good selection of Russian wines, and each season is invited to a fashionable pastry chef to come up with a new sweet. In December Irina Lylova; launches were buckwheat mousse with persimmon and hazelnut praline, creamy souffle with a delicate, pear and meringue and chocolate, prunes and ice cream with the flavor of cloves.

Address: St. Petersburg, Teatralnaya square, house 18/10

Phone: +7 (812) 640 16 16

Where in St. Petersburg to drink


Chamber Russian bar with a thoughtful concept won Barproof 2017 Awards in the category “Best bar menu” and became the finalist of the award “a Palm branch 2018” best restaurant concept. Here is always Packed and lots of expats. In ORTHODOX rather cleverly engaged in the destruction of stereotypes about Russian drinking. It turns out that Russian drink you can mix quite a decent and appropriate fashion trends cocktails. Chef bartender Dmitry Suvorov writes them on vodka, moonshine, spirits and liqueurs, and named the result after works of Russian art. So, “Uncle Vanya” is a wheat distillate, Apple cider vermouth, smoked syrup, peach bitters (390 RUB), the “Nutcracker” along vodka, buckwheat, buckwheat honey, ginger and Mead (390 rubles), and “the Brothers Karamazov” (set of 3 shots) is a mix of khrenovukha, lemon, Apple and honey scraba (440 rubles). Also in the bar there is plugari, derevenski samogon, homemade liqueurs, Mead and domestic wine.

Address: St. Petersburg, Ligovskiy prospect, house 2, entrance in yard

Phone: +7 (812) 928-02-21

ARKA bar, food & space

Attacks on the Nevsky for you anyway not to avoid, otherwise why bother to go to Peter? And once you close, look in updated ARKA. Now, ARKA is a bar, restaurant and space for parties in one bottle, and bar is fully rebuilt, and now it can boast the longest pin bars. Already familiar in the ORTHODOX Dmitry Suvorov builds a bar menu on a combination of trends and timeless classics. The mood will light up the “SPICY” cocktail: dark rum, Pedro Ximenez sherry, cocoa, black pepper (490 rubles). About “ENLIGHTENMENT” — pear vodka, Lillet Blanc, orange liqueur, lemon juice, celery bitters — and say nothing (490 rubles). For lovers shots — set “BURYAK”: vodka, currants, pomegranate juice, beet syrup (590 RUB). Dance there, too, by the way — on Friday and Saturday.

Address: St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 27

Phone: +7 (812) 339 89 39


Small, 25 seats wine bar with organic and biodynamic wines — all we love. The prices are moderate, as is customary in advanced institutions of St. Petersburg, and as snacks offer the famous sandwiches with a home cooked sausage. You can sit at the bar and chat with the sommelier/bartenders — they are talkative. Institutions of the two I prefer the first bar, Kronverksky, but a second was opened in Kazan.


Address: St. Petersburg, Kronverkskiy prospect, 65

Phone: +7 (812) 912-74-00


Address: St. Petersburg, Kazanskaya street, 3A

Phone: +7 (812) 947-24-00

Where rich spiritually

The Mariinsky theatre

The Mariinsky theatre is always a special treat, especially because there are radically different prices for the tickets compared to the Bolshoi theatre and the European system of sale, so the traditional “the Nutcracker” it is better to round up. The story of flipping nuts man provide 2 and January 4, January 3, in the repertoire of “Sadko”, 5 Jan — “La Sylphide”, 6th — “the marriage of Figaro”, 7th — “Prince Igor”, 8th — Opera “the Tale of Tsar Saltan”. Plan to stay longer in St. Petersburg — will also be what to watch: January 9, giving “La Boheme”, 10th — “Ruslan and Ludmila” as much in five acts, and the 11th — ballet “Giselle”.

Address: St. Petersburg, Teatralnaya square, house 1

Phone: +7 (812) 326-41-41

The Mikhailovsky theatre

January 2, you can listen to Mozart — will go “the Magic flute” (Opera in 2 acts). 3, 5, 6 and 7 January — the ballet “Cinderella”, January 4 — the Opera “Iolanta” and “La Traviata”. January 9 — gala concert of stars of ballet with the participation of Maria Vinogradova, Ekaterina Krysanova, Anastasia Stashkevich, Denis Savin (Bolshoi theatre). 10 through January 13 — “the Nutcracker”. Yes, and here too.

Address: St. Petersburg, Arts square, 1

Phone: +7 (812) 595-43-05, +7 (812) 595-43-19

Russian Museum

In the Russian Museum (Mikhailovsky castle) — “Unexpected Malevich. From the archive of A. A. Leporsky, donated to the Russian Museum”, is to 14 January 2019. Last chance, as they say, gives you a fortune.

Address: Saint-Petersburg, Sadovaya street, building 2

Phone: +7 (812) 595-42-48

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