Go vegan, go to Europe: 17 vegetarian cafes in Europe

Being a vegetarian isn t easy even in your own country – everybody tries to find out where you get the protein from. And traveling is even harder! In the new city it is difficult to find a place for a snack or explain to the waiter that you can not add some ingredients to the dish. It s a good thing that there are more and more “green” places in big cities. So you don t have to look for it yourself, we ve prepared a list of the most comfortable European cities for vegetarians and vegans. The lists of delicious places are attached – among them vegetarian restaurants in Berlin, fashionable Milan and nearby Helsinki.

Those who are not vegetarians and do not plan to do so, these “plant” places can also be interesting – if you want to keep a figure, you want to improve your diet or just like to try something new.


Berlin can rightfully be called the vegetarian capital of Europe – there are more than 400 vegetarian seats in the city. Moreover, food is not limited to food, in Berlin cruelty-free movement is actively developing in all spheres. The city has the world s first fully vegan street Schivelbeiner Strasse – it has more than 15 cafes, clothing and footwear stores, supermarkets, sex shops and a shopping center. Also in the city there is a huge community of vegans and vegetarians who have launched their own aggregator site, which collects complete information about veganism in Berlin. So there will be no problems with finding food, snack bars and ethical shops.


  • Momos. The cafe offers dumplings and dumplings, which are usual for the Russian eye and taste, but here they are called “momoses” – with different vegetable fillings, fried and steamed.
    1990 vegan living. A place loved by vegetarian tourists with
  • Vietnamese and Asian cuisine. Especially the atmosphere and space are praised – here you can fall in big company and spend the whole day trying different dishes.
  • The Bowl. One of the most famous vegan spots in Berlin, where it is impossible to book a table in advance, and it is necessary to defend a live line. The place specializes in “bowls” – big plates in which they put the whole lunch at once: side dishes, fresh vegetables, sauce.
  • Ga Ya Ya Ya. The cafe, which combines Asian and European cuisine, offers options for both vegans and vegetarians and cheese eaters. Decoration of dishes at the level of a top-class restaurant – colors, serving, decorations only increase appetite.
  • Voner. Everyone who has been to Berlin at least once knows that kebabs are there on almost every corner. It is not clear why the Germans liked the Middle Eastern dish so much, but the vegetarians also did not miss their own. Voner is a completely vegan diner where you can taste traditional kebabs, but without animal products.


Amsterdam is one of the leading cafes in Europe in terms of number of vegan cafes per capita. Perhaps that s why the famous Dutch Weed burger is made of algae rather than marijuana, as many would think. Amsterdam is also known for its Kraft vegan cheeses of Mr and Ms Watson. The development of vegetarianism and veganism in Amsterdam, as well as in Berlin, has led to the appearance of a map for a vegetarian, in which you can find all the information about the city.


  • Mr and Ms Watson. The same place with vegan cheeses is not only preparing them – in the menu there are real delicacies that seemingly impossible to prepare in a vegan version: cashew fondue, vegan tiramisu I TIRA-MISSED-U, sweet tarts, soups and much more.
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar. Absolute fast food, but for vegetarians you can find burgers, nuggets, French fries, cocktails, etc. The bar is especially well decorated – to the extent underground, but not intimidating, neon signs and radical inscriptions on the walls make it clear that everything here is strictly within the framework of ideology. Please note: cash is not accepted, payment by card only.
  • TerraZen. Vegan restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine. Judging by the feedback about them in social networks, the restaurant is neither reduced nor added – everything is good and of high quality. Their cruelty-free-position on dishes does not end, the restaurant also pays attention to ethical consumption and ecology.


Everybody knows the Margarita vegetarian pizza, but did you know that Italy serves the Marinara vegan pizza, where only tomatoes, dough and butter are served? So, when you go shopping in Milan, don t forget to look at a few local restaurants, especially since there are enough vegetarian places in the fashion capital.


  • Joja. Attention: Restaurant with Michelin star! The restaurant is famous for its chef Pietro Lehmann, who invented his own nutrition philosophy and created a menu for the restaurant on its basis. In addition to delicious dishes of high quality, you will be helped to choose the wine that is suitable for each particular dish.
  • That-s Vapore. The institution is not fully vegetarian and serves dishes with fish, but there are plenty of options for lovers of plant food in the menu. The restaurant focuses on healthy and natural products and offers a variety of superfoods and bowls, as well as a blog on its website dedicated to good nutrition.
  • Macha cafe. A Japanese cafe serving Buddha s bowls, sushi, cooks, toasts, punkeys and a huge selection of traditional Japanese drink Matya. Very cozy interior and staff with a sense of humor in T-shirts “Glory Match, today is Friday” will create the mood for the whole day.


The PETA World Animal Welfare Organisation has named London the most vegan-friendly city in the world, not only because there are more than 100 vegetarian cafes and restaurants, but also because many non-vegan places offer alternatives to meat in their dishes. Moreover, London has a Broadway Vegan Market, which is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


  • Mildreds. The cafe offers its guests cuisine from all over the world, free from gluten and animal products. Chefs can prepare any traditional dish, replacing all unwanted ingredients with vegetable ones. The menu includes traditional curries, hamburgers, baked goods, cakes and vegan chocolate.
  • 222 Veggie Vegan. In this London restaurant, the focus is not so much on the vegetarian menu as on healthy eating – low in salt, fried and greasy. For all those who are worried about the figure, it is better not to find a variant – the menu is easy, tasty and nourishing. And at lunchtime there is also a buffet.
  • Black Cat Cafe. In East London there is one more restaurant adored by British vegetarians. The menu includes toasts, hamburgers, French fries, milkshakes, salads, desserts – this institution will satisfy any whims of vegetarians.


One of the most popular Russian cities is gradually taking the path of alternative nutrition, and Finnish scientists, for example, have created a meat substitute from oats called Nyhtökaura. So there will be no hungry and disadvantaged vegetarians in Helsinki – the choice of places is wide enough.


  • OmNam. Not knowing the existence of this cafe, you will never get into it – OmNam hid in a small courtyard on the street Annankatu. Simply put, it s our usual dining room with a wide range of dishes, which you put on the tray after paying for the cash register. The menu includes everything from soups to desserts, and the price policy is very loyal.
  • Just Vege. The name of the place is talking – it s all simple and vegan. In Just Vege you can try falafel and burgers with a variety of fillings. For the most disturbing cafe offers gluten-free positions and natural lemonades and guarantees complete absence of semi-finished products.
  • Soup. Soup-cafe, created in Helsinki by the British. They have made a minimalist cafe in the Scandinavian style, offering soups for every taste – there is even a “peri-borshch” with the addition of yogurt. The owners of the place like to repeat that “every person should have the right to have bread from the oven at least once a day”, so in Soup bread is baked by themselves and offered to all guests free of charge.

Even if you are a meat-eater, nobody forbids you to look at any of the listed restaurants and personally try how the unhappy vegans get out of the situation. Unless, of course, you turn them into your “faith”! Or maybe after a hearty vegetarian dinner you even decide to adjust your usual menu?