Eight roles of scrambled eggs from around the world

Eggs – healthy, tasty and easy dish to prepare all. And every country has a signature recipe, tried and tested over the years and the family Breakfast. How to cook scrambled eggs in Spain, France, England, USA, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan and Thailand.

@barithedietitianАНГЛИЯ: a classic recipe from Jamie Oliver

In a separate bowl beat the eggs, adding salt and pepper to taste. In a pan heat butter and when it begins to bubble, gently add the eggs. Stirring constantly to keep the eggs on the heat until then, until it is almost ready. Then remove from heat and leave in hot pan until fully cooked.

@julovessashimiЕГИПЕТ: with dates, parsley and chilli

Remove seeds from dates and fry the pulp in the butter. Then pour the eggs and stir to cook the eggs. Balance of honey sweetness finely chopped parsley and harissa – spicy paste made of chili peppers.

@v_and_h_cafeСША: ham, anchovies and garlic

Reheat in butter and garlic, and then pour in the eggs. Add anchovies and smoked ham.

@ediblemelbourneИСПАНИЯ: with croutons, chorizo, green onion and paprika

Heat the chopped garlic in butter, fry the croutons and put on a plate. In a pan, pour beaten eggs and add chorizo and chopped onion. Season with paprika.

@агсһегпо29ТУРЦИЯ: flour, honey and butter

Preheat a frying pan 50 g of butter and mix with 75 g of flour. Pour in two eggs and cook the scrambled eggs in the end adding a teaspoon of honey.

@ja_kamila_stokАФГАНИСТАН: tomatoes, onions, cumin, coriander and Chile

For aromatic Eastern eggs must be fried eggs with sliced tomatoes, chopped onions, cumin, coriander and chilli.

@mind.body.coleТАИЛАНД: with fish sauce, lime juice and onions

Beat the eggs until light foam and pour in a pan with hot oil. Add fish sauce, lime juice, chopped onion and corn starch.

@aolsonphotographyФРАНЦИЯ: cream and green onions

Cook the eggs over low heat, stirring constantly, slowly infusing the cream. Add the chopped onion.


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