Banana bread with cocoa

For lovers of baking. The recipe is incredibly flavorful banana bread for the dough which takes only a few minutes. Ingredients for “Banana bread with cacao”: Flour / Flour — 190 g Butter — 110 g Banana — 3 PCs Soda — 5 g Leavening agent — 5 g Cocoa powder — 40 g Vanilla […]

Beet salad with cheese and prosciutto

It is a fairly simple salad that has a very mild and interesting flavor. This recipe is taken from the transmission unsurpassed Ilya Lazerson – “Breakfast in bed”. And really it is great for Breakfast – a light and yet hearty by the presence of Parma ham. In a classic combination of beets and feta […]

A salad of beets and prunes

Very healthy and tasty salad. We eat it with vegetable oil, but it is possible with sour cream or mayonnaise. Ingredients for the “Salad of beets and prunes”: Beets (Boiled or baked) — 300 g Prunes — 120 g Sunflower seeds (Toasted) — 3 tbsp. Vegetable oil — to taste Salt — to taste Cooking […]

Beer batter “on the restaurant”

The recipe is taken on the same kitchen as the broth (I have in diaries) – therefore the name. The recipe is simple – the result is excellent… Ingredients for “Beer batter “restaurant””: Chicken egg (average) — 3 PCs Flour / Flour — 200 g Beer / Beer — 200 ml Salt — 3 depot. […]

Cheese sandwich with pesto and bacon

Cheese sandwich with tomato pesto and fried bacon from Hochland. Ingredients for “Cheese sandwich with pesto and bacon”: Cheese (Hochland for hot dishes) — 8 lost. Bread (ciabatta) — 1 piece Pesto (from the tomatoes) — 4 tbsp Bacon — 6 lat. Tomato — 1 piece Salt — to taste Black pepper — to taste […]

Sausages in the potato test

Offer to prepare a quick snack. It turns out very tasty. Ingredients for “Sausages in the potato test”: Flour / Flour — 3 tbsp. Potatoes — 500 g Chicken egg — 1 piece Salt — 1 depot. Vegetable oil — 80 ml Sausage — 4 PCs Servings: 4 Recipe “Sausages in the potato test”: Fill […]

Rolls of Pita bread with savoury filling.

Worth a try just once and You will understand how it is delicious. Pita turns crispy browned and the filling is soft and juicy. Perfect for Breakfast and a hearty snack. And to prepare is very simple. Ingredients for “Roll of Pita bread with a hearty stuffing”: Ham — 100 g Tomato — 150 g […]

Pelmeni with Turkey “Autumn”

This recipe arose spontaneously. Granddaughter eats dumplings, but not eat manti with pumpkin. I think that many will agree, ravioli is too heavy food for the stomach of the child and not only child. So came the idea to use ground Turkey meat and add it to the pumpkin. Granddaughter to the question : “What […]

Green beans with hazelnuts

Vegetable dish, created based on only a few components can be an independent dish or a good side dish to meat or fish. The dish is light, aromatic and spicy, tender and hearty, with a slight creamy taste. Ingredients for “Green beans with hazelnuts”: Green beans (frozen) — 400 g Green peas (425 gr.) — […]