Dairy products are often counterfeited

For the first nine months of this year, according to Rospotrebnadzor, withdrawn from sale approximately 200 tons of milk and dairy products that do not meet mandatory requirements. Dairy products are often counterfeited. But the problem of counterfeiting is a global “The temptation to replace more expensive ingredients with cheaper exists in the most popular […]

What you need to know about magnesium oil

Coconut, argan, peach and apricot — seems to be a list of mineral oils that have a positive impact on our health, can last forever. There is another oil that you should have in mind if you about it did not know before, and magnesium. Actually it’s not butter, and a buttery mixture of magnesium […]


Cooking time: 0 h 19 min All true fans of beef steaks you want to offer a note of a terrific option, how to cook Chateaubriand. Tender beef that melts in your mouth, and a wonderful sauce. It’s worth a try!Description of preparation:in Spite of the fact that the process in total takes a lot […]

10 “tricks” that are easy to do at home

We offer you 10 amazing tricks-experiments, or research shows that you can do with your hands At the bottom of the child’s birth, at the weekend or on vacation spend time with benefit and become the center of attention of many eyes!In the preparation of the post helped us experienced organizer of scientific show Professor […]

Sushi baked

Cooking time: 35 min. Lovers of Asian cuisine, I hasten to share with you a very cool way to cook baked. Incredibly delicious crust gives it a special piquancy, they are impossible to put down Description of preparation:as for the filling, represented here by the set of ingredients is just a suggestion. You can use […]