“Belash,” who doesn’t like meat.

“Belash” is what Russian-speaking fans call the singer Billy Aylish. The nickname was glued to her because of her consonance: if we shorten her name and surname, then, indeed, we can associate her with a dish of Bashkir and Tatar cuisine. However, the performer herself does not eat these fried pies with meat, she is a vegan. Not only does Billy herself keep to vegetable food, but she also spreads through social media and public speeches the ideas of ethical attitude to animals and care for the environment.

In her Instagram she recently published a video with the American actor Woody Harrelson, in which they, worried about forest fires, call for the preservation of nature and not to treat it spitefully. Also this autumn she announced a new world tour, which will be more environmentally friendly: during her concerts the entrance with plastic tubes will be prohibited, the water will be carried only in its bottles, and the garbage will be disposed of only separately. Her account is full of animal cruelty videos and her internet quotes about veganism. Who is she, the new star of generation Z?

Birth of “Belyasha”

Billy Aylich was born on December 18, 2001. She was the first person of the 21st century to head Billboard Hot 100. And it wasn t because of her rich parents that she did it. Her mother is an actress in episodes and her father is a musician. In one of her interviews, she said that her entire family now works for her: her brother writes songs and is a producer, her mom is an assistant and her dad is a sound engineer.

They live in a small two-room house in Los Angeles. Billy says everyone thinks she s a rich girl from Los Angeles, but she isn t. Her parents are creative people and didn t send Billy and her older brother Finneyas to school, but taught them at home, for which she is grateful. The children s education included not only writing and arithmetic, but also Beatles, Linking Park, Jazz and ukulele. Their father wanted to raise them in an atmosphere of different music, not excluding any genre. So the music was a girl who had been studying music since she was a baby. At eight o clock, she started going to the children s choir, and her older brother was already forming his own band. At 11, she composed her first song, at 13, she put her work online, and at 14, she became popular around the world. Now she is not even 18.

Creativity of “Belyasha”

Ocean Eyes is the first song to “shoot” Billy wrote it, like most of the other songs, with her older brother, but sang it through dancing. Her dance teacher asked her to pick up the music for a new dance when she found out what she was composing and singing. Billy recorded this one. Everybody was thrilled, and then he and his brother put it on the net and it was noticed by the labels. And it started.

Billy loves dancing, and if it wasn t for the trauma, she would have continued dancing. Ocean Eyes had two videos, one official and the other one was made by Billy herself: she sang, danced and made the video herself. She said goodbye to the dancing with this video and paid tribute to them.

The first mini-album, which exploded the network on a pre-order basis and is called Don t smile at me, was released in 2017.

In 2019 fans were pleased with the album When we all fall asleep, where do we go? It has a song called All the good girls go to hell. According to the singer, everyone understands this song as they wish, but for her it is about global warming. There are lines there: “The California hills are burning, the water is rising. Don t say I didn t warn you. Why save humanity, we have to save nature. For Billy, humanity is a virus that the Earth is sick with.

Wish you were gay about unrequited love; Bury a Friend about nightmares and fears; Bad guy about bullying; Xanny about drugs; Listen before I go about suicide. All the songs in the album raise topical issues.

The album wasn t recorded in the studio, although many people would like to have it. Billy decided it was better for her to record world hits on her brother s bed. She doesn t want to do what other people tell her, or what s customary. She also does what she does with her clothes, wearing things that are dimensionless and that express herself.

“Leave the animals alone”, – “Belash”

Billy Aylish is a strong supporter of veganism in the modern world. She doesn t eat meat or milk, doesn t use animals, cares about the planet and promotes this way of life. In a recent video with Woody Harrelson, she calls for the abandonment of animal food and plastic. They support the Green peace and Fridays for the future movements.

“I became a vegan four years ago. There were many reasons for this. I love animals and just don t think it makes sense to make something out of an animal when it s already a creature. Leave the animals alone, damn it!

It s worth saying that if she s been a vegan for a relatively short time, she s always been a vegetarian, as her parents have long since abandoned the meat. “I have never eaten meat in my life. But I m not the kind of person who would brag about it and impose on others. It s because of these people that many people don t like vegans.

She does not eat meat, does not tolerate lactose, wears clothes made of ethical materials, protects animals and promotes respect for nature. In her Instagram with 40 million subscribers, she posts videos from dairy farms where animals are abused and signs them as follows: “Usually I don t talk about it because I believe everyone should eat and say whatever they want… and I don t feel the need to inject what I believe in into anyone. But, hell… if you can watch the videos I just posted and not pay attention to the fact that you eat creatures that are tormented just for your pleasure, then I feel sorry for you. I understand that meat has a pleasant taste… and I know that you think you are just one person, and if you stop, it will not change anything. But it s ignorant and stupid! Be smarter!

Billy confesses to loving spicy and salty food. Can t give up fries. Burritto is her favorite vegan dish. About tofu dishes, she says that nothing nourishes her body better than they do. She especially likes tofu cooked according to an Indian recipe with spices.

At the age of 17, Billy s fame came down on her, which couldn t help but affect her. But she did not fall ill with star disease. On the contrary, she is childishly happy with the new Nike sneakers, which two years ago could not afford. She fights against depression: she gets used to the idea that her friends are becoming fewer and fans are becoming more and more. “I can only talk to my therapist now,” says the singer, complaining of depression. She listens to her music, but she can t listen to sad songs because it makes her sick. She fills her day with stuff so she doesn t have to think and feel discouraged, because for her depression and laziness are synonyms. Everybody calls the schedule Billy Aylish mad. She tries to be sincere with everyone: she learns to rest and not to trust people.

Billy Aylish is a reflection of the new generation. She does not need schools, producers, but only the Internet. He is her school, he promoted her and glorified her. A 17-year-old girl does not remember herself without a smartphone in her hand. Problems that concern her are loneliness, bullying, veganism, ecology. She keeps Louis Vuitton and H&M clothes on the same shelf. There is no difference between them: the main thing is to express it, and it was convenient. She is independent and self-sufficient, and she will not allow producers to “ride on herself” and obey the rules of others. She already knows everything herself and is ready to make a mistake, too.

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