15 major discoveries of last year, where you want to go right now


The fire in the stove for the bread. The fire in the famous three-ton furnace with rotating stone baked pizza. A fire in the fireplace located in the room. Fire team Zarkova, Tulenkova and Mukhina. Fascinating design of Belonogova. Shaman tracks. Drug pizza with burrata and truffle. Organic bread at the monastery leaven, which decided to go. Meat that is fried on a large grill, and fire again. Wine from Maroussi Milovidova and cocktails from Shashina matryoshka skulls. From the “dragon” of the secular girls, the fashion everywhere to order the steak with vegetables instead of arugula with shrimp. The local waiters are famous for their apathy, and toilets are seen more adultery than the rooms in the “Podushkin”, so what? “The dragon” still remains the main place of power in this city.

Address: Rozhdestvenskiy bul’var, building 1
Phone: +7 (495) 937 38 11


Aesthetically, sexy and delicious BURO TSUM on the fifth floor of TSUM brought to the capital easy chic Parisian Brasserie at its best embodiment. Some of the dishes, from pink shrimp to t-bone-steak — prepared at the Lyon grill. And this is the only place in town where I can’t give up spaghetti with crab. And the bread I like here even more than in “the Dragon”. It is necessary to tell about the mood of the summer veranda is something between Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Few people in Moscow are able to create such an atmosphere, but Dina Habirova and Vitaliy Shimanskiy managed.

Address: Petrovka street, house 2 (TSUM, 5th floor)
Phone: +7 (495) 276 76 78


Restaurateur Boris Zarkov bet on restaurants with a clear vision: from the window should be seen by half the town, and the kitchen needs to be a superfood and brilliant chef. The history of the Kamchatka crab and far Eastern seafood worked in two countries simultaneously — in the open restaurant in Dubai Crab Market in Moscow “Sakhalin”. The best from the Far East looking at the raw menu, including shells of anadara and hedgehogs for the incredible 280 rubles, from Japan, of course, a magical land in the fire, of the desserts — photogenic pearl matte. If you Inga Berman, you need to sit down at one of the tables opposite the raw bar conjures Alexander Kagi; for serious dinners with their company looking for tables with views of Moscow on the second floor. Book in advance: since opening in December, is every day full.

Address: Smolensk street, the house 8, the “AZIMUT Hotel Smolensk”
Phone: +7 (495) 647 647 9


#CYBERLIBER on Smolensk square — sexy refraction of folk art (only one ceiling trim that is!) and ideas Novosibirsk hospitality from charismatic restaurateur Denis Ivanov. Fashionable Moscow come here for the dumplings and the tartare of smoked deer with raspberry dressing, a steam Cisco, wild boar cutlets with Creamed corn, smoked and dried deer and even stir-fried jungle fern for the Muscovites, read the same exotics. #CYBERLIBER, as you remember, not the first restaurant Ivanova in Moscow: he started with a nearby izakaya bar [Ku:].

Address: Smolensk street, the house 8, hotel Azimut
Phone: +7 (499) 652 51 61, +7 (499) 652 51 62

A second restaurant “my Fish”

A second restaurant, “the Fish is mine,” was opened in the late spring on Tsvetnoy Boulevard: concept citizens are already familiar — Vladimir Perelman feeds fantastic grilled salmon and lobster in all sorts of variations: with lobster meat offer bruschetta and salad “Caesar” salad with Thai mango and avocado ravioli. Wild fish after the catch (at the Perelman has its own fishing Association in Morocco) chefs will prepare a choice of: crudo, ceviche, grilled or in salt. Redhead girl with a fish in his mouth, a trademark of the restaurant — I sometimes dream at night.

Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, building 2
Phone: +7 (495) 120 88 53

Less Sugar Bar

The sponsors of the bar Anna Sverdlova and Marina Znamenskaya graciously took care of those who are trying to reconcile the irreconcilable: to reduce the dose of sugar but not to lose touch with reality in the form of drunk friends. Drink developed on the basis of the compatibility of specific types of alcohol and sweeteners: for example, Jerusalem artichoke mix with whiskey. The design is cool, the music is great, full of people, and often look cute, although it would seem… One of the places in town where you can dance and socialise.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya street, building 24, page 4
Phone: +7 (499) 395 35 11

Happy End

On the face of Bek Narzi of British Pachamama group comes everyone who crawls into the hole glamorous of the hobbit on the second floor in the yellow room of the top bar. Beck brought on Patrick London in the mood — sweet cocktail of his name girls drink directly under the picture of Homer Simpson with Breasts. The main direction of menu was chosen cuisine of Peru, though it is unlikely that you will realize when you order a Burger “PACHAMAMA” (winner of the London award of burgers, if that) with crazy straws from sweet potato during a night of dancing it is often ordered separately from the Burger. From desserts the most interesting beer caramel ice cream, almonds and honey. You either hate it, or hooked like a drug. Happened to me second. In the top menu bar is not customary to ask the bartenders themselves guess desires of our guests. I once kissed #eatonite.

Address: spiridonievsky pereulok, 9/1
Phone: +7 (499) 704 69 69


Mollusca has opened at the ponds in February as a place of absolute indulgence — here you can eat mussels nonhuman portions, and no one askance look never. The most fashionable point of the area for those who drink a glass of beer, with the correct surroundings, a good craft and a decent meal. The brand-chefs guys-the founders Vitaliy Perederko and Giorgi Pkhaladze took Liguria named Gianmaria Sapia, just because they are his “Instagram” like. In the end, declare that they know 101 preparation of mussels, including Tom Yam, curry and coconut, nautically (not without humor, guys), and the truffle and cream. Mussels are not limited there are hot dishes with crab and absolute local hit pasties with crab and langoustine. And, of course, beer: 200 varieties of bottled and draught. The only glamorous massularia in the city.

Address: Bolshoi kozikhinskiy pereulok, 19/6
Phone: +7 (495) 297 22 22


I would not say that it is ideal, but sometimes you love in spite of. Touches one toilet for 60 landings (run in a Pinch) and easy apathy to everything that is not sushi. But for the quality of local fish can not survive: they are delivered from Japan. Techniques of cooking, of course, also Japanese. Take the first chirashi with baked salmon hand-rolls. In the bar nearly two dozen types of sake, including premium; serves plum wine and signature cocktails. The interior is extremely concise, but charming — with references to the situation of traditional Japanese houses. Mysteriously secular public place, accepted and loved — friends here at every step. I told you that it serves a perfect avocado with soy sauce? Well, they say.

Address: Bolshoi Palashevsky pereulok, 1/14с1
Phone: +7 (495) 276 70 67

Cutfish on Petrovka

One of the key discoveries of the last September — second Cutfish, this time in Petrovka. The coefficient of secularism and glamour has doubled, the menu has expanded. Especially for the second Cutfish were ordered and shipped from Japan grilled “robata” and fritura for tempura. Like Japanese mushrooms and a little salty food? Here Glen Bally’s for you tried. And here, too, there’s the hit menu of avocado — crab and dressing wafu. Favorite dessert — Japanese tiramisu, a huge portion of take two. Two months after the opening of the Glen from the project was released, but fans of restaurants Alexander Oganezov didn’t even notice. Friday evening in the place is still Packed.

Address: Petrovka street, house 12
Phone: +7 (903) 100 36 46

The opening of the bar “Klava” in a new place

In December, the legendary “Claudia” has been opened in a new location — the school, managed to become a cult for eight years, moved with the Patriarch at Petrovka. The ceilings are higher, space is more public — easier, but the city’s best dances have not gone away. And now it is much nicer to go for a cocktail. The only thing that is still confusing because in the new space again made a match-in closet. In club nights sills again littered with clothes that don’t always remain where it is put. Keep fur and valuables at home, for riotous dancing to Kozak you don’t need them.

Address: Petrovka street, house 20/1
Phone: +7 (495) 626 85 63

Healthy Choice Social Club

Healthy Choice Social Club, which opened in early summer, is implementing the so dear to my heart the concept of “drinking sonica”. The ideology of Choice Irina Azarova, based on the principles of flexitarians (when you are a vegetarian, but not completely), has created a menu of 50 items, so there’s plenty to choose from. Designed for meals thus, to make the most of ingredients the maximum benefit. Bruschetta is prepared with babaganoush and roasted vegetables, from sweet potatoes make a creamy soup, baked miso salmon served with Orzo pasta, Parmesan and mashed green peas. For dessert — banana bread with orange cream and coconut ice cream. And in the formation of the wine list featured team Big Wine Freaks — a project well known to any connoisseur of #multiniche. Flexitarians especially goes well with beautiful interiors. Choice positioned more as a social club, is one of the most aesthetic places in Moscow, and on the couches in the dressing room can become so focused on the conversation that you will forget why he was there.

Address: Malaya Nikitskaya street, building 16/5
Phone: +7 (499) 130 10 28

Avocado Queen

The glamorous today, the institution for girls, where, however, happy to see glimpses of male company. Hit from Arkady Novikov, Anton Pinsky and Glen Ballis — elegant, refined, stylish. Well, closely, of course: to squeeze between the tables can only Polina Kitsenko. And, as is customary at the ponds, you will hear every word the neighbors. A large table in the middle of the hall in common, but this coin has two sides — you can make many pleasant acquaintances: every second girl here looks like a girl power icon. Original colors and a lot of avocado on the table in the kitchen and, respectively, in the menu, even the steaks on the grill served with avocado. The city’s best fried avocado — it’s here, with crab and poached egg. On the wine list, not overjoyed, but for HLS-based smoothie original mix (where without them!): aloe Vera juice with raspberries, pumpkin with pear and maple syrup, and so on, with all the stops. Long promised to introduce Breakfast. Looking forward to it.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya., 20, p. 1
Phone: +7 (495) 609 09 38

Lucky Izakaya Bar

Another new site from Glen Ballis, so you find total mood with Cutfish menu and again to watch the eggplant with a spoon. Less secular, but no less charming, and, perhaps, more delicious Lucky Izakaya Bar looks large Windows on Nikita, so tables here are the most romantic. The kitchen is headed by Andrei Krasov, who I know is on Peter — he was the right hand Vikentieva in the “Wine closet”. It is necessary to order tataki salmon and tuna, avocado on the grill with mushrooms, meat grilled “robata” and a dessert of coconut mousse with lychee jelly (for him, I’m ready to go through the day, as the squid grilled “robata” with spisy sauce and Greek yogurt). At the bar, if anything, are Japanese lagers, fourteen types of sake and a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese distillates.

Address: Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, house 23
Phone: + 7 (495) 189 78 88

Kisa Bar

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The main point of attraction of a secular party in Moscow, Kisa Bar, closed in 2014, four years later, again opened its doors to trekhgorka apartment. And the entire hot list again here: dancing to DJ Ginzburg, smacking kitty Kiseleva, drinking cocktails and flirting mercilessly with their iPhones and with each other. The team’s presence Kisa Bar creates an atmosphere in any venue — even “Metropol” has become a fashionable place when Kisa Bar did pop up on Harper’s Bazaar, Black & White Gala.

Address: Rochdelskaya street, house 15с8
Phone: +7 (977) 773 19 29

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