11 best vegan cities in Europe

Veganism – the rejection of animal products – has become increasingly popular on the planet in recent years. This way of life and nutrition is increasingly being adhered to by ordinary people and celebrities – Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Beyonce, and even Miley Cyrus

On International Vegan Day, which is celebrated around the world on November 1, we offer a list of 11 best European cities for those who have decided to give up their animal products.

The list was compiled by the animal rights organisation PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), which analysed cities across Europe based on a number of factors, including the prevalence of vegan restaurants and clothing stores, and named the most vegan places in Europe.

To create the list, the charity joined forces with HappyCow, a vegetarian and vegan snack guide, writes The Telegraph.

So, 11 of the most vegan-friendly cities are this:

1. Berlin, Germany (471 restaurants)

Berlin boasts an impressive 471 vegan restaurants. It also houses the world s first street dedicated to things without animal origin, Schivelbeiner Strasse, known as Vegan Avenue, which has restaurants, bars, cafes and clothing stores. Berlin is also home to the world s largest vegetarian chain (Veganz).

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands (243 restaurants)

In August, Amsterdam was named the most vegetarian city in Europe by the number of vegan snack bars in relation to the population. It is famous for its Dutch Weed burger (made of algae rather than marijuana, as the name suggests) and other popular destinations such as Mr and Ms Watson, famous for its Kraft vegan cheeses.

3. London, UK (177 restaurants)

London is home to blogger Ella Woodward, whose vegetarian culinary books captured the world in 2015, and her products are available in all national supermarkets. London also hosts VegFest, the largest vegan event in Europe, which this year has attracted a record 14,000 people. In September, the city opened its first weekly Broadway Vegan Market, which is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Broadway Market

4. Hamburg, Germany (149 restaurants)

Vincent Vegan food trucks are very popular in Hamburg and have recently opened their first stand-alone restaurant. The owner of another popular vegan restaurant, Happenpappen, has opened his own cooking school.

5. Milan, Italy (136 restaurants)

It is one of the world s fashionable capitals, with huge shopping avenues selling fur and leather at every turn, but in Milan there are an amazing number of options for those who are not in favor of buying animal skins. For example, a fully vegan home decoration storeEco. Popular expensive restaurants here are Joia and Mantra Raw. Less expensive snack bars Alhambra and Universo Vegano are also impressive. Milan also hosts the MiVeg vegan festival, which attracted 10,000 guests last year.

Фото: Joia – Alta Cucina Vegetariana

6. Edinburgh, Scotland (120 restaurants)

Last year s PETA vegan city owner. Edinburgh s best places to eat are Novapizza Vegetarian Kitchen, the acclaimed Holy Cow burger shop and David Bann s elite gourmet restaurant.

7. Gothenburg, Sweden (66 restaurants)

Open New Doors is one of the best vegan restaurants in Gothenburg (and the most worthy of Instagram shots). The city also has a “non-violent” beauty salon, Eco Linné, as well as a popular chain of THRIVE boutiques where you won t find wool, silk or leather.

Фото: pixilla.de

8. Ghent, Belgium (58 restaurants)

Here you will find the ridiculously named Aanaajaanaa, which is located in a hotel building that opened in 1525 and is now a modest vegan hostel. Ghent also occupies a place in history as the first European city that introduced a day without meat – Thursday.

9. Strasbourg, France (47 restaurants)

The French can t live without their cheese. But go to Strasbourg and you ll find Velicious, the first 100 percent vegan restaurant in town. In turn, an increasing number of its regular restaurants now offer silent alternatives to their menus, one of which is Pizz arome.


10. Groningen, Netherlands (28 restaurants)

BlaBla, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Groningen, has recently responded to customer requests and started serving fully vegan meals. Other outstanding vegan institutions include Cho Fah eathai, De Herbivoor and Gustatio.

11. Naples, Italy (26 restaurants)

If Naples was famous for one thing, it would be a pizza with melted cheese covering the stuffing. It may surprise you, but some of his main pizzerias, Sorbillo, for example, now serve vegan variants of this dish. The city also recently opened a vegetarian “butcher s shop”, as well as two restaurants: Sbuccia e Bevi and O Grin.


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