Six of the best Spanish wines at a price of 3-5€ per bottle. Spain in Russian

If you are looking for the best value for money of Spanish wines on the market, you will be very interested to get acquainted with those brands that are recommended by experts of winemaking. As you know, Spain is one of the leading wine suppliers in the world. Such a large number of vineyards – 1 million hectares – you will not find in any other country. It should be added that Spain annually produces about 24 million hectoliters, which is two-thirds of all wine production worldwide.

Of course, with such a variety of wines, it can be difficult for you to choose the right drink. Luckily, wine experts have taken on the “hard work” of identifying the best and relatively inexpensive wines and are ready to help you understand this issue. In 2019, with the help of professionals, the authoritative Spain s Guía Vinos Gourmet guidebook on Spanish wines was compiled. In order to prepare such a useful catalogue for wine connoisseurs, experts made about 4600 blind wine samples in 1118 wineries across the country.

The list is quite extensive: in the guidebook you can find wine for all tastes and purses, but in this article you will learn about wines that cost no more than 5 euros and received the highest marks from wine experts. We offer you six Spanish wines that combine the best value for money.

1. Viore (2017): €3

Sweet white wine from the Spanish region of Rueda. Expert comment: “Pure and intense, fresh and oily with peach aftertaste”.

Las Campanas (2017): €3.85

Rose wine from the Spanish province of Navarra with raspberry pink. Experts comment: “The wine has a pronounced raspberry flavor and aroma, and leaves a sweet aftertaste that makes you drink it over and over again.

3. Vinea (2017): €5

Another delicious rose wine this time from the Spanish variety of black grapes Tempranillo. Experts comment: “The wine has a bright juicy taste and strong aroma. Spain s Guía Vinos Gourmet has a rating of about 90%.

4. Apricus (2017): €5

And finally, red wine is on the list of the best wines from the Spanish district of Ribera del Duero, Burgos province. Spain s Guía Vinos Gourmet has a 91% rating for this wine. Experts comment: “Very authentic taste with notes of blackberry, raspberry and blueberry. The wine leaves a juicy, sparkling and cheerful aftertaste. Apparently, the fun came to the experts after a couple of glasses of this drink.

5. Corpus del Muni (2017): €4.35

Another great red wine with a very high rating. Experts comment: “This is what makes this wine so highly appreciated, thanks to its special saturation and pronounced intensity. The aroma of the drink is very diverse, from licorice to blueberries and milk chocolate. The wine has a slightly fried and spicy aftertaste.

6. Manzanilla La Gitana (2017): €4.65

This wine has the highest rating of all the wines presented in the article – as much as 94 percent! Experts comments: “Wine has a bright and persistent aftertaste that combines shades of wines of different tastes”.

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